November 7, 2007

It Must Be Wednesday, Chris Henry's Run Afoul Of The Law...

"Don't you know who I am?"
- Chris Henry
Ok, so at least this time he didn't get arrested. But on the "eve" of what marked the end of his suspension from the NFL, Chris Henry got into a little spat with a parking attendant over a parking fee...As in he refused to pay for parking...

Seriously dude, you just got back from a half-season suspension and the battle you pick is with a parking attendant? I mean, not like we all didn't know it was going to happen. But you'd at least think he'd get caught making it rain like Pacman Jones or shitting in a woman's closet like Najeh Davenport. Nope. Parking fee. Makes you wonder if Henry was born with only half a brain.

Anyways, what I thought might have made this even better was his reaction after the parking attendant pointed out that um, he kind of didn't pay... - namely Henry scolded him, "Don't you know who I am?" whilst throwing a $5 bill on the ground...which they promptly returned to him, and called the cops...who would have definitely known who he was, thank god.

I can just hear the conversation now -
Attendant: "Yeah we've got a dude down here who is refusing to pay $5 for parking...says his name is Chris Henry."

Police Dispatch: "Chris Henry, shit. Cletus, get the holding cell ready, Henry's on the loose again."
And you think Chad Johnson is the problem in Cincy??? Get a clue.

Henry In Altercation With Attendant []

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Tobiathan said...

Chris Henry.


What is it with all my former Mountaineer footballers? Vanderjagt, Suaerbraun, Amos Zero-ue, Pac-man, and a few more i can't quite recall who seem to run afoul of the law?

Is something wrong with the way WVU teaches it's players to handle success?

But- this guy is a Bungle, which certainly doesn't help things any....


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Chris Henry look slightly mentally retarded?

Sorry to all the mentally-challenged: i'm positive you are all better people than Mr. Henry.