October 9, 2007

'Tis The Season for Cut Blocks...

First of all, I wanna give my humblest thanks to the Post-Gazette's Blog 'n Gold, who graciously threw me a link yesterday. You guys have been good to me in the past, and I'm really beyond thankful you're looking out for me this season. I think more people have visited this blog in the last 24 hours than probably visited over the last 2 months. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Consequently, if you think you're a Steeler fan and you don't read Blog n' Gold, I suggest you start. Soon.

Now, since I've yet to encounter any compelling Steeler news today with which to compose A full blog post, I figured I'd give you all a quick run down of what's going on around the league that might interest, surprise, amuse, or entertain you (er...I'll do my best).

Today's News Roll:

  • Leading off today: Eric Steinbach is calling a party foul on Patriots Linebacker/touchdown vulture Mike Vrabel. Steinbach claims that Vrabel "dove at the knees" Browns recent 1st round selection Joe Thomas on one of the final plays of Sunday's game. Between this and Trent Green's unfortunate incident, I hereby declare this past weekend the weekend of the Cut Block.

  • Next up: Willie Parker, king of all NFL running backs. Well, at least rushing leader. With Sunday's 102 yard performance, his 4th 100 yard day in 5 weeks, Fast Willie puts himself back on top, with 507 rushing yards. Gee, imagine what he could do with Dan Kreider leading the way with any kind of regularity...

  • Shocking realization of the day: Ike Taylor leads the Steelers in interceptions! Ok, so he's only got 2 picks. But that's two more picks than most of the rest of our guys. Guess I should go a little easier on him...nah, nevermind, I'll still give him shit.

  • Breaking News: You might have noticed a lack of discussion on One For The Other Thumb about power rankings. This is because I think if you have to rely on a list compiled by someone who's job it is to ride the bandwagon, you'll never see the big picture. Fact is, I don't care what the power rankings say. They aren't going to win us games...or teach Ike Taylor to catch. But hey, I'm just one man...make up your own minds.
Last but not least, hats off to Mack Strong. Strong suffered a "herniated disc in his neck pinching his spinal cord" in Sunday's game against our Steelers, consequently forcing him into retirement. An undrafted fullback couldn't ask for a better career (PS - you're Dan Kreider's hero). Formidable foe. Sorry to get all serious on you guys, but there's nothing funny about spinal injuries.

As for news, that about does it. Check back with me tomorrow for more...


domski43 said...

How will Mike Tomlin and the Steelers bounce back from adversity as well as a loss??? I think that question has been answered!!!!!....get well soon injured Steelers

domski43 said...
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Anonymous said...

To Mack Strong:

As the sufferer of a severe spinal injury myself, my heart goes out to you. I remember your entertaining and powerful career, including your bit on NFL Network about being a bad-ass blocking back named "Mack Strong". You're an articulate, good-humored man and were a great competitor. Good luck and God bless ya, brother. Hope you heal as good as new.


As for Vrabel: i honestly don't remember much about him when he was here (Pittsburgh). I do know Cowher never really gave him a chance (or seemed to like him), despite his size, speed and strength. I know he was elated to get out of Pittsburgh. I know he plays for the team that i'm convinced has cheated it's way to three coveted titles (despite Tom Brady's character and talent and Bruschi's tenacity). It wouldn't surprise me if Vrabel was trying to "take out" an opponent, but i'm not sure he wanted to maim him.

Which brings me to Travis Johnson, the man who nearly killed Trent Green (and then gloated about it)- he is a dirtball. Saying REPEATEDLY Green "deserved" to be knocked unconscious because it "might" have injured Johnson's precious kneees are the words and emotions of a child. A spoiled, whiny, selfish child.

Green is a QB, not a lineman. Granted, Trent should at least have tried to block him high, but no damage was done to Johnson. What made him think his knees are more important than a man's life? Geesh. What a spoiled brat.

Trent Green's career should have been over after the Bungles knocked him out last year. He made a great try at coming back, but he needs to give it up before he's the first player to punch-out in play. Any team that signs him should be ashamed of itself. Life is more important than football. Seriously.

Finally- power rankings ARE crap. Game-play proves that anybody can beat anybody. And, when the playoffs are you-lose-you-leave it only takes one game to destroy all the power-ranking majic any team builds.

Sure, the Pats and Colts are unbeaten so far. It won't last. It never does. Don't forget that NE is STILL being investigated by Roger Goodell and the League. They confiscated all their info on other teams a while back and little has been said about it since. Experience tells me those who get caught cheating once have done it more than once, and more than one way.

Anybody remember how the Prats defense ALWAYS seemed to know the offensive play in our AFC championship losses? Ever wonder how ANY team wins 3 SB's by less than 9 points total? Hmmmm?

I'm just saying....

Great blog. Keep up the good work. It ain't easy finding news every day, but you do it!

Go Stillers!