October 22, 2007

Hey, At Least He Had Pants On...

Just to pour a little salt in the wound, guess how Brandon Marshall celebrated the Broncos win last night. Give up? Driving. Under. The Influence.

Excuse me, not necessarily driving under the influence, just allegedly driving under the influence. Because usually they arrest people at 2AM because they just think, you know, maybe they might have been drinking...or something. Real nice work there, Brandon. You know, if you were going to be out and about drunk at 2AM, you should have at least had some illegal fireworks...or a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell. That really would've made this interesting...

PS - not that I give two shits, because now that we've played them I'm gonna try and ignore them for the rest of the season, but this is not the first time Brandon "Quick Slant" Marshall has had a run in with the fuzz...he also dabbled in domestic violence 6 months back.

PPS - if you didn't get the title reference, read this.

WR Marshall Arrested, Released After Receiving Summons [ESPN]

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Tobiathan said...

That's classy. Nothing like a DUI top celebrate an upset win. That'll be a distraction to him. And well it should be. With the money he makes no reason he didn't take a cab. Period.

On a more Steeler note:

I'm still in a little bit of shock about that game. Part of me regrets even bringing up the issue of officiating but I seriously believe what I said.

On the other hand(and more importantly), Ben doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who does a lot of extra work on his own. Maybe (definitely) he should.

Could be he had too much success early in his career. It could ruin a guy doing so well right out the gate. I hope he starts to take his position and his job more seriously. Little things like working out with his recievers, taking extra snaps, studying the opposing defenses until you understand them. Those are the things great QBs do. Ben could be great, but not until he shows that extra effort IMHO.

Rawk on Cotter.