September 12, 2007

Jim Wexell - Coming to a Town Near You!!

Head's up Steeler Nation! Steelers beat writer and veritable guru, Jim Wexell, is hitting the road to canvas Steeler Nation.

His plan, which he's dubbed "A Steeler Nation: The Story Behind America’s REAL Team” is as follows:

Over the next 45 days attend/visit as many "games, tailgates, Steelers bars, anti-Steelers bars, hometowns of players, hometowns of legends, of ghosts" all "while living out of an RV".
As related by Wexell, his route will be -- up to Buffalo for Sunday's game, then on to Heath Miller country (Swords Creek, Virginia), then Willie Parker's homestead (Clinton, North Carolina), then Lawrence Timmons land (Florence, South Carolina) whereabout he'll also hit up Greg Lloyd (aka Mr. Miyagi) and maybe even live to tell about it, then Deshea Townsend's home state (Mississippi), then down through the Louisiana area (Ike Taylor, Ryan Clark, Alan Faneca), and finally, to round out the FIRST WEEK (!), a nice little "Sunday at the Hamptons” in Galveston, Texas - where Wexell will catch the Stillers-9ers game with Big Snack's Mom. Boy, looking at that schedule, I'm wondering if Wexell plans on sleeping at all...

As for the rest of the journey: After taking in a Sunday matinee (game) with Casey's kinsmen (and women), Wexell will head up through Houston, Dallas and Austin, picking off as many Cowboy fans as possible, then head over to Glendale to watch the "epic battle" between a newly crowned tandem of coaches and their former team, then it's on to Hollywood. Post-Hollywood, where Wexell will no doubt rub elbows with the stars, he'll head up through Oregon to see where Polamalu grew up. From there he'll check out the great wide open that is Wyoming aka the home of Keisel the Diesel, then down to Denver to watch the Steelers-Broncos game. And then begins the long trek home, which will lead Wexell through Cincy where he'll watch "Face Me" Ike Taylor shut down Ocho Cinco, and with a few last stops in Ohio including Findlay, he will have concluded his 45-day tour of the country, no doubt having encountered more Steeler fans than he even imagined.

So if you live in any of these areas, keep your eyes peeled. You just might get to chat with a mastermind. And if you don't know what he looks like, just check out the inset image. Good luck Jim!

The Jim Wexell Agenda -- [SteelCityInsider]

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