September 12, 2007

Crime and Punishment in Today's NFL...

So by now we're all aware that the Patriots were caught with their hand in the cookie jar this past weekend. While somewhat surprising, this is more just sad than anything else. For a team that is on everyone's short list for this year's Super Bowl contenders to be videotaping other teams (especially teams who barely have a shot at a playoff offense Jets fans) is unnecessary and pretty much inexcusable.

I say let the punishment be swift and harsh: SUSPEND RANDY MOSS.

Yeah, sure, he had nothing to do with it. But just to level the playing field a bit. I mean I'd also accept suspending Tom Brady, that'd work.

No, but in all seriousness, this is just ridiculous. Bill Belichick has really sunk low this time. Then again, I guess when you cut your teeth as a Browns coach you learn that you gotta do everything you can to try and gain a competitive edge (maybe if they'd kept Belichick the Browns would have a clue?).

One way or another - we'll see Belichick and the deviant Patriots on December 9 and they better not have any cameras on those sidelines...though they might need one just so they can revisit what the Steelers are going to do to them...[aka here's to perpetual optimism].

PS - in case you're wondering, this does not shock Tomlin. Quoth the head coach -- "usually where there is smoke, there's fire...So it's not totally shocking, no."

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Anonymous said...

First, good work on the blog. I love it. Keep it up. You'll catch on soon....

Next: as Steeler fans we alll know that the Pats have always had a suspiciously powerful tendency to ALWAYS know what to do, on every single play. I'll remind you that Brady wasn't even a star6ter at Michigan. Suddenly he's G-D's gift to the NFL?? Not Frikkin likely.

So- Belichek(sp?) is a good coach. Sure. But both AFC championships he played against the Stillers(and all three Superbowls for that matter) were sooooo close tyhat I personally think there is some smoke there.

And, as coach T. says: "Where there's smoke, there's fire..."