August 17, 2007

And That's Not All...

Thought I was done with the news/notes for tomorrow's game. Yet here I am back at the keyboard...well, I'm at a keyboard virtually all day, but you understand.

Just ran across this AP story about tomorrow's game. Apparently the Redskins first team offense has gone SIX straight preseason games without scoring a single point!! According to Santana Moss - "at this stage, with this offense, with this team, it's almost like now or never." Tough break for them, having to go up against our Big Nasty D this weekend. Hopefully we're able to do a good enough job to keep that streak alive and well. Sorry Santana, better luck next time my friend...that is, if all goes well (for us). Though, it should be noted that the last time the 'Skins first team offense registered a point was against the Steelers back in '05, so I guess we have to be confident but not arrogant (oops).

Other notes include:

  • Portis and Rock Cartwright are out for the 'Skins so it's the Ladell Betts show. Not much less scary than if it were Portis. Actually, might be more scary.
  • Starting for their prized left tackle Chris Samuels, currently injured, will be an undrafted free agent, Stephon Heyer. I like those odds. Woodley on an undrafted free agent? It's time to make the doughnuts.
  • Skins Center Casey Rabach sums up the lack of preseason first string scoring nicely - "That's kind of the objective...If we move the ball up and down between the 20s, we'd feel pretty good about that, but the ultimate goal is to get in the end zone, and you kind of go home unsatisfied if you can't get in there."...Uh, yeah man. Isn't that the point of the Herm Edwards has so eloquently put it, "You Play To Win The Game."
Contrastingly to all this, Mike Tomlin's objective was - "We have to try to master the things that require no talent." So what does that mean? Well understandably it means remembering how to "play hard, play fast, and know assignments." Precisely the kind of thing that's going to lead to success this season. Thank god for Tomlin...what a guy.

Oh and PS - remember Antwaan Randle El? Yeah, me neither. Whatever happened to that guy?

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