April 29, 2007

Heir Apparent to Cowher?...aka 2007 NFL Draft Retrospective Part V

Holy Bill Cowher Batman! Ken Whisenhunt, newly minted Arizona Cardinals coach and former Steelers offensive guru, had himself quite a day yesterday and further, quite a draft thus far.

Let's review the picks:

Round 1 - Levi Brown, OT Penn State: Man, I'll be damned if I didn't wish Brown slipped down to 15. Talk about a guy who could replace Faneca (not that Faneca is gone yet or anything...maybe just in his mind). Think about this - Levi Brown throws defenders to the wayside like they were feather-light and Willie Parker breaks a 75-yard touchdown run...AGAIN. Ugh, but alas, I knew he wouldn't drop out of the top ten. When will we draft a Penn Stater???

Round 2 - Alan Branch, DT Michigan: This guy was 1st round talent for sure. Obviously Whis recognized that the Cardinals could have the best offense in the world but without a defensive upgrade, they were never going to scare anyone. That all could change with Branch and Arizona's other picks. While his work ethic has been questioned, have no doubt in your mind that if he shows any kind of lackadaisical attitude around Ken Whisenhunt, he will soon either be whipped into shape or be shipped off.

Round 3 - Buster Davis, LB Florida State: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say. Weird that the Steelers selected a FSU backer, then Arizona did two rounds later. Nonetheless, as far as ILB prospects go, this guy was ranked in the top 5, compared to London Fletcher. While he's a bit undersized, he plays with the fire of ten Ray Lewis's. Another great pick for the Cardinals D.

Ken Whisenhunt, this Bud's for you! We will see you on September 30...

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