March 27, 2007

Compensatory Draft Picks, Yea!!

Imagine Crank Yanker's Special Ed reading that subject and it's a whole lot more appropriate.

Anyways, today's big Steeler news is that the NFL awarded the team two additional compensatory draft picks in this year's April 28 draft. And yes, for those of you who doubt the relevancy of this news, it is big. Since the Steelers consistently rely on the draft to feed their ever-successful talent pool, getting an extra 4th and 5th round pick is huge.

So you know what? My earlier statement about wanting the Steelers to show more of an active role in free agency was probably a bit of an over reaction. I'm not rescinding that it's tough to sit by and watch the Browns/Ravens make moves as if they were trading cards (not people), but the Steelers don't like to throw money around like that, and this year was one characterized by tons of money(disgustingly). So, as the story goes, 1+1=2, and the Steelers were relatively non-existent in this year's free agency "arms race".

Who am I to mess with the Steeler way.

In Kevin Colbert we trust!

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