March 21, 2007

Big Ben Enjoys the Sagacity of Marino and Kelly...

As is probably being blogged about in all 52 states and beyond right now, yesterday Big Ben talked with the media about his struggles this past season. The long and short of it was - Ben said what's done is done (more or less). Some people wanted to offer "alibis" for him, but Ben noted, "You know what? I might have still had the same year," if there had been no trauma." Also positive was - Ben talked about how he went golfing with Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, two former NFL star QBs from the Western PA area, about being just that in the NFL, a star QB. Ben said Marino and Kelly told him, "hey, you had a bad year. You're going to have more bad years, but don't let it get to you." Good advice boys.

Anyways, Ben's comments and attitude are business as usual for the calm, cool and collected 4th year Super Bowl champion. I am certainly encouraged by Mr. Rothlisberger's optimistic demeanor going into next year, but not surprised. This is one of the things that makes Ben so great.

Nonetheless, here's some promise in what was said -
1. Big Ben is calling new offensive coordinator Bruce Arians "BA"...Ah brotherly bonding...makes you wonder, does Arians do a really good Mr. T impression?

2. Ben will be calling the pass protections from the line next season and not the O-line as it was previously. What a novel idea...the guy who is reading the defense and masterminding the offensive attack calling an offensive protection scheme...GOOD! He's the one needing protection so maybe he will know best exactly what to call...or I guess hopefully he would know.

Big Ben godsend...remember that!

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