February 2, 2007

The Grizzled QB Returns...

It's official, Brett Favre will play next year for the Green Bay Packers. Returning for his 17th season (unheard of in this day and age), Favre is "so excited" and thinks the Packers have a great "nucleus of young players." Furthermore, Favre cited this year's 8-8 record as a sign of improvement for the most recently lackluster Packers.

What I think is really funny about that particular statement is the Steelers went 8-8 this year, and I don't think there is one person in Steeler Nation that thinks 8-8 shows improvement. Of course, the Steelers did go 10-6 in the regular season last year en route to a Super Bowl XL victory. So technically it's apples to oranges. But it is my right as an American and "unofficial" member of the media to pass judgment whenever I so please.

But I digress. Good for Brett! I'm really happy to see him come back. I'd be even happier if he were able to build on this seasons 8-8 record next year and make a run in the NFC playoffs. It would be really nice for Brett to go out on top. Although that seems like wishful thinking right now.

So tonight, pour one down for Brett Favre, the grizzled old QB from Mississippi who hasn't missed a game in 15 years. This Bud's for you Brett.

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