January 25, 2007

Perhaps I should start biting my tongue...

...or at least check the paper before I post things. Apparently, I've been so engrossed in doing actual work while at work (yeah, I do need to get my priorities straight, don't I?)that I completely missed the fact that we were thinking about hiring a former Bengal/Bengal coach as our QB coach.

So Ken Anderson, former Bengal QB is now Big Ben's new mentor. Let's hope he doesn't bring any bad karma from Cincinnati with him. Although that'd be tough considering he's spent the last four seasons with the Jacksonville Jags...is four years enough time to wash off the stink of decades??

No, in all fairness, I don't know much about Ken Anderson. So who am I to pass judgement. Again, trust in the Steelers and the new regime being assembled. I do know one thing though (bitches they come they go?...no that's not it) - Ol' Kenny better be able to teach Big Ben how to keep his head under pressure. Too many bad decisions this year.

Anyways, here here Ken Anderson, welcome to Steeler Nation!

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