January 25, 2007

Our Franchise Gets a New...Chin?

From Tuesday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"What we are going to do is promise to have a first-class, blue-collar work ethic in how we approach our business." -- New Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin

To me, this means two things:
  • 1. Tomlin knows exactly what the Pittsburgh Fans and Media want to hear.
  • 2. We got the right guy for the job.

All I know is, and I'm sure Domski will agree with me here, Trust in the Steelers Organization. These are [mostly] the same guys that brought us Big Ben, The Bus, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, and that guy Bill Cowher (also an intriguing hire at the time). Only time will tell but the fact that the Steelers openly admit (see quote below from Post-Gazette article) that he wasn't high on their original list must mean something. Hopefully it is that over the course of the interview process, Tomlin revealed himself to be a potentially great (Super Bowl XLII winning?) head coach.
Grimm was considered a front-runner at one point during the coaching search, and club president Art Rooney II acknowledged yesterday that Tomlin at first was not high on their list of candidates.

"I think it's fair to say Mike was in that category in terms of our initial discussion," Art Rooney said. "He was probably a long shot when we began the discussions."

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