January 25, 2007

Ok Harvey Araton, We Gotta Talk...

First off, my apologies to anyone who is not a New York Times subscriber, because you won't have any frame of reference for what I'm about to discuss, but...

Harvey Araton, are you nuts?

So picture this - I'm minding my own business, just trying to spend some quality time in the bathroom yesterday afternoon (see image above), when I stumble across an article titled "Roundball - 2 Square Jaw - 1" next to an image of none other than Meagan Cowher.

Imagine my surprise...you mean they're writing about Cowher in the New York Times? Yep, sure enough, what I began to read was a piece about Meagan and Lauren Cowher, for those of you who don't know, both members of the Princeton University Basketball team. The article was more or less a profile of the two girls but rooted deep within was the true intention (or at least I'm convinced he had ulterior motives). Only one line, but boy did it get me riled up.

"There goes the notion of all the Cowher girls winding up a little more than an hour's drive from a certain N.F.L. team that could be in the market for a credentialed head coach if next season doesn't bring significant progress, to borrow from our basketball lexicon."
Not that this surprises me. Giants fans, strike that, New York sports fans in general have this annoying attitude like "why would anyone not want to coach in NY?" So it's only natural that Araton might think Cowher would be interested in coaching for the Giants. But to Steeler fans, those of us who have grown to know and love the man, I think we feel in our heart of hearts that Bill Cowher would want no part of the media circus that comes with being a NY area sports figure. He's never been one to seek the spotlight. He's a Pittsburgh guy, born and raised. Just like the polka goes - "Good things come to those who work and wait." Such seems Cowher's mantra.

I guess what I'm saying is - Nice try Harvey Araton, but that is a stretch of a story my friend. Nice profile of the Cowher girls though I think. Painted a nice picutre. I could've done without the selfish undertones though.

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