January 27, 2007

The Legend Speaketh...

Franco Harris, not exactly known for his vocalness, yesterday said the hiring of Mike Tomlin as Steelers head coach showed "racial progress". Harris, who still lives in Pittsburgh, said the only misgivings Pittsburghers have voiced about Tomlin is not that he is black, but rather how well he will do at 34 years young and having only one full year of experience in the NFL under his belt.

What's funny is while Pittsburgh has brought about a number of notable racial advancements, the black population comprises only 9% of the city's total ethnic makeup. Who knows why that is.

Regardless, I think this might be more of a learning experience for young minorities in this country than anything else. How about instead of aiming their sites on playing in the NFL (which is in and of itself a very lofty goal), maybe they aspire to coach, now that we have several prominent black coaches as role models.

Anyways, any time Franco speaks, I'll write about it. Because frankly, that man is about as chatty as a doorknob. Plus, he's a former Penn Stater!

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