January 27, 2007

Erroneous On All Counts!

I mean I knew Phil Simms was an idiot during live broadcasts, but I didn't expect him necessarily to be so stupid on paper. I stumbled upon Phil's story onSuperBowl.com this morning and boy I could not disagree more with his assertions.

Simms, like many sportswriters over the past week, basically crowns Peyton Manning the best QB to ever play in the Super Bowl. He gushes about how amazing Peyton's comeback against the Patriots was, and how he "led" his team to a legendary AFC Championship.

You know what Phil? The Patriots lost that game. They got ahead big and then abandoned their bread n' butter, the run. How, when you're up 21-3 at halftime, you can come out and not pound the hell out of the ball is beyond me. Especially when you have both Corey Dillon AND LawrenceMaroney. Kevin Faulk ain't too shabby either. Yes, Peyton drove down the field and scored enough times to make the difference, but had the Pats kept their momentum going, this game wouldn't have even been close.

So before we annoint him a Super Bowl MVP, let's just see how he handles Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs in his face all day. We all know Peyton gets happy feet under pressure.

As for Phil Simms, I can't completely bash him. He did dispute the collective media's
claims that this loss signifies the end of the Patriots run. Surprising, but he's right. They ain't going nowhere. Every year you can count on going up against Tom Brady and BillBelichick in the playoffs, most often in Foxborough.

Simms also discusses how good the Bears look, which I gotta respect considering I like the Bears to win Super Bowl XLI. Although he does slightly compare them to his own championship Giants team and all their stars, which I don't know if I necessarily agree with. But hey, I guessol' Phil is making progress.


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