June 10, 2009

Everything's Coming Up..."Pussy_Monsta?"

Last night, Super Bowl XLIII hero and MVP, Santonio Holmes got a surreal new piece of jewelry.

Today, those pesky weed charges against him were dropped ("no probable cause" for stopping him in the first place...IE - see line above about Super Bowl XLIII).

But lost in all of this is his change in Twitter identity, which is another WIN - albeit more for us than for him.

If you aren't on Twitter, or hadn't noticed...

WOW. I mean, A+ for creativity?

At first, I was somewhat morally conflicted about whether or not to post this - effectively "blowing up" the man's stealthy spot.

Plus, given the natural difficulty in verifying whether someone is or is not, in fact, the Pussy_Monsta, there's still a chance that it's not him.

But then I realized, no one reads this blog.

So you can all thank my virtual anonymity for this one.

And also The Bish, who gave me the tip in the first place!

Only the most hard hitting news here at OFTOT...nahmeen?

As you were, then...

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Grumpy said...

Seriously? What a moron.

Cotter said...

And yet, every time I think about it, I find myself yelling "PUSSY MONSTAHHHH!" in my head.

big TC said...