September 24, 2008

Wherefore art Thou, Russ Grimm...

DISCLAIMER: In no way is the following post meant to discredit the work of any current Steelers Coach. Except Larry Zierling. And possibly Bob Ligashesky in some way, but I haven't quite put my finger on it yet. Anyway, you know what I mean.
Dear Russ Grimm,
This Offensive line was awful on Sunday. They couldn't block. They couldn't get any push. Hell, they couldn't even stay still until the ball was snapped. I think what I'm trying to say is - we miss you, Russ.

When you were here, we didn't have nearly this big of a problem protecting Big Ben. And we know that wasn't just Alan Faneca (two words: Jeff. Hartings.) These guys, now, all they get is coddled. Yet, they continually suck and put the health of our $100 million man in jeopardy.

And Larry Zierling sucks. The best thing he's done so far was send a naughty email to the whole league. I don't even know who he is, man. You never hear about him, you never hear from him. You never even see him. I'm starting to think he's just some mythical whipping boy Tomlin and Arians made up. Either way, he clearly doesn't have the ability to ride herd like you do.

One of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl XL DVD was when you were yelling at those assholes, saying...
"We screwed up like three in a row. You screwed up the 39. We screwed up the dual read. Let's go! We gotta go! It ain't nothin' they're doin', it's us. Come on. Let's get it done."
I mean, these guys don't need to be baby'd. They're professionals. And as far as I know, professionals don't get praised for being worthless.

We miss your wisdom. We miss your tutelage. We miss your thick Pittsburgher accent. And your excellent mustache. Come back to us, Russ. We sure could use you.


- Cotter

...I'm almost too afraid to ask...comments?


Anonymous said...

I cried.

domski43 said...

you cho cho choose meeeee?

i'm not going to have too much of a knee jerk reaction after only one game, but if the offensive line situation continues to be an issue all season long, the offensive line coach needs to be fired.

Dear Mr. Arians,

This offensive line was drafted by the cowher/grimm/whiz administration and was built to run block first and pass block second.



Anonymous said...

I miss the Whiz too...

What do you think of the job Tomlin has done? I really like him in interviews, he says all the right things. However, we are 5-6 in our last 11 games.

It's shitty.

Cotter said...

christy ~ I cried too...when Ben got sacked for the 8th time on Sunday!

domski ~ What do you suppose the odds of Arians changing the game plan are?

matt ~ I actually really like Tomlin also. I think he's got what he needs to have as a head coach. BUT, he needs his supporting cast to be strong as well. And right now it SEEMS LIKE there are some areas that got exposed on Sunday, which may become bigger problems as the season goes on.

SIDEBAR: Wow, guess this post was an epic fail. So much for being creative...

Cotter said...

PS - don't you guys watch The Simpsons? Come on, now.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Matt:

Tomlin: talks a big game but hasn't lived up to the hype.

5-6 in last 11.

That tells me everything i need to know. As much as i hate to be a naysayer: we are in BIG trouble. I don't think we'll pull out 7 wins this year. Seriously.

But it won't matter: Tomlin will get more chances than most coaches, and for all the wrong reasons. I didn't like how we screwed Whiz/Grimm. That was beyond stupid on the part of ownership. The Rooneys got caught in their own web of policy and it's gonna spell "failure" for Steelersnation until Tomlin gets canned.

He can't coach. He talks too big. He can't seem to make adjustments. Apparently he's unable to force his staff to react to dominating opponents. The guy NEVER had a head-coaching job until the effing NFL Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!


After the way we lost against DEN, ARZ, NYJ, JAX x 2 last year and Sunday's debacle i'm convinced that Tomlin can't do much in a pinch. Unles his team comes out and dominates he is unable to xreate an enviroment of "improvise, adapt and overcome". A shame, cause that's half of what coaching IS.

So- i don't like Tomlin, and i'm not going to pretend to just because he knows how to say the right things.

Mark my words: he's the Tarvaris Jackson of NFL head coaches

For serious.

Cotter said...

tobiathan ~ I'm just going to point out one thing - Cowher had never had a head coaching job before he came to the Steelers either.

Plus, I think you've gotta give him a few seasons before you can say he's a success/failure.

But, you know, that's just like, my opinion, man.

Anonymous said...

I know this post is a little late, and probably no one will even read it but...... Alot has been said on this blog over the past few days about how Mike Tomlin never reacts when the team is down or one of the players screwed up big time. And we all know how Coach Cowher would react to similar circumstances. (i.e. Josh Miller's first few seasons were some good blow ups) Well I for one, agree. I didn't say anything before, but it's almost like he is a pod person from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. No emotion, blank stare. "It's ok. Try harder next time", a little pat on the head and comforting, and it is on to the next play. No consequences neccessary. But what really got me going this morning was this picture on the post gazette.

WTF? Cowher would have gone BALLISITIC in the same circumstance. I know we can't compare everyone to Cowher, but would Chuck Noll have reacted with a little pat on the helmet, don't worry about it kid. I don't think so. And those are the only 2 coaches most of us(including myself) have known for the steelers. But I digress. My rant's over, thanks.

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