September 23, 2008

This Ain't Good At All...

Ruh - roh, I just caught wind of something fierce (and no, it's not John Clayton's ass)...

Ready for this?


Guess we have no choice but to run Wreckingball now. Oh, and the defensive configuration ought to be interesting as well.

That's it, I'm officially an Eagles fan.

Let's discuss.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see how we bounce back, from the beating we took...physically and mentally.

Ben has to be somewhat banged up in both regards.

It's a shame when you can't trust your O-Line.

I think Colon might be this year's Sean Mahan. After the 3rd or 4th sack on Sunday I took notice that he gets beat ALOT.


Anonymous said...

This is not good. Our running game will ineffective, which means that Ben will have to throw a lot.

Translation: Ben is toast.

domski43 said...

i have faith that wreckingball mendenhall is fast, powerful, and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

monday night will be a slug-fest!

i have not lost faith in the offensive line or big ben. they will bounce back. One game doesnt make a season, and the AFC north title goes through Pittsburgh.

Beat Ravens and Jags and bye week here we come!

Cotter said...

matt ~ If the qualude isn't working, might I suggest a percocet. And call me in the morning.

christy ~ I'm interested to see how this actually plays out. I'm thinking this might not be that bad of a thing. Honestly, I don't think FWP was going to run very well against the Ravens anyhow. But Mendenhall might actually be ok since he can hit you just as hard as you hit him. Casey Hampton being out really blows, though. Totally deflated my sails when I read that...

domski ~ Agreed. Wreckinball better wreck house. And Ray Lewis.

Anonymous said...

As much as i'd like to blame the officials for failing to call holding on the Eagles more than one effing time Sunday, i won't.

Mostly i blame the coaching staff in general and Tomlin in specific. He, or ONE of the Steelers coaches, should have noticed at some effing point that Ben was winding the play clock all the way down on every damned play.

The more i think about it the more i think that that might be Ben's worst, most consistent habit. I seem to remember him doing it pretty much all the time when we lose, or get behind. Maybe subconsciously he's trying tolet the clock run out in hopes of shortening the game, but *the reality is* that he's making it uber-easy for defenders to bum-rush his ass. As i recall, he does it almost exlusively on pass-plays.

A very, very bad habit, and one his effing coaches ought to have noticed and corrected long ago.

I also really think Tomlin should have sat Ben Sunday. He likely was hurt worse than he wanted to say, and probably had no business playing to begin with. I don't WEVAR remember him throwing so miserably.

He should be kept out of the game against Balti. I'd rather sit him and give Leftwich a start early in the season than lose him later to some chronic injury that could have been corrected. Remember: Ben argued with Cowher about playing after his motorcycle "accident"(you know: the one where the so-called old-lady in a Massachussetts-plated car rammed him.."accidentally") and won the argument, going on to an 8-8 year.

Ben might want to play, but he might *need* to heal. Especially after that bruising game. I'd rather have lost to Philly w/ Byromn under center and have Ben strong for a divisional game Monday against Baltimore.

But that would make too much sense i reckon...

Anyway- i still say keep Ben out, since so many others are hurt too. Let the depth get some reps. Who knows? Maybe our backups are actually good. The Ravens aren't exactly an offensive juggernaut. If Leftwich started and was able to manage the game we could definitely pull out a W.

Of course, "strategy" and "forward-thinking" might be asking too much of our supergenius coaching staff.

Yeah- i'm still pissed. We never, ever shoulda lost Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and i'd like to remind everyone that John Kuhn, the FB Pittsburgh cut last year when Arians decided Carey Davis was "the man", has had a couple outstanding years in GB so far. Our loss, their gain.

Ya don't suppose a FB-oriented offense *might* have helped against Philly, do ya??

domski43 said...

I texted cotter the same thing about letting the play clock run down all game. not only does it allow the defense to time their blitzes and know exactly when the ball is going to be snapped, but also puts the steelers offensive line in a huge disadvantage.

Ben was doing this not only to play the time of possession game, but also to see if the Eagles defense would show "their cards." The Eagles disguise a lot of blitz packages just like the LeBeau does for the Steelers. Ben was trying to make last minute adjustments for protections or audible out of a play, but after the first 30 times it failed adjustments were not made.

Not to be a monday morning qb, but why didnt we try the no-huddle? Or throw a few screen passes or draw plays. These are ways to combat a blitzing defense.