September 5, 2008

Superman In Cleats, Huh?

"But I’m not going into this game thinking I’m scared of this defensive end (Williams) because that would be me saying I don’t have confidence in my offensive line. I do. I think they’re going to do a great job of keeping all those guys away."

- Big Ben
First off, thank GOD football is back! This is so God damned exciting that Ravenstahl declared today, "Black 'n Gold Day." You know, as opposed to every other day in Pittsburgh...when it isn't Black 'n Gold day? Anyways, I for one have dressed for the occasion...

And now that that's out of the way...

Oh God, no! Not the Texans Pass Rush! What'll We Do?

Guys, let's get serious. It's been widely noted and discussed that our Offensive Line is about as concrete as the Bengals commitment to winning. So naturally, many Steelers fans and writers are all worked up over how said Offensive Line will handle the Houston Texans vaunted pass rush. Wait, did I just write that the Texans pass rush is vaunted? Nevermind.

Ok, so Willie Colon thinks Mario Williams is Superman in cleats? Well let me tell you, to Willie Colon, I'll bet Kimo Von Oelhoffen would look like Superman in cleats. So I'm certainly less than comfortable knowing that Colon will be one of the men tasked with blocking ol' Super Mario. But let me ask you all this - outside of Mario Williams, Amobi Okoye, and DeMeco Ryans, who else in the Texans front seven scares you? Morlon Greenwood? Travis Johnson?

Alright, to be fair - Williams, Okoye and Ryans are forces. It's definitely not going to be a walk in the park. Williams himself, registered 14 sacks last season, Okoye had five and a half and Ryans added two more. Still, I'm having a hard time believing that our Offensive will just fold like a lawn chair (or alternatively, get smacked around like they tried to stop Silverback from getting his kid baptized).

Then again, I'm a Steelers fan. Farbeit from me to underestimate any team or understate the importance of any game. This will by no means be a blip on our radar. While it maybe the easiest game we have on paper, matchups do not simply dictate wins and losses. So I'll be watching a few things...which are:

1. The "Offensive" Line
I think I've made my feelings on this pretty clear. That said, I hope they prove all the critics wrong and stonewall jackson "Superman in cleats" et al.

2. The Secondary
They looked alright this preseason. But they're notoriously low in the takeaways category. I'd really like to see a pick or two. Maybe even watch Troy terrorize Matt Schaub a little bit. You know, stuff we used to do back in 2004/2005.

3. Master Fly W. Large
AKA Willie Parker. I'm not doubting the fast one. I'm just saying, he broke his leg all of nine months ago or so. For a featured back, that isn't an easy injury to deal with. And while I know Willie trains hard, and looks to be in good shape from the preseason, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't waiting to see how he does against a team with a gifted Defensive End like Mario Williams. Do us proud, Willie. Is 209 yards too high of an expectation?

Either way, I've spent the last eight months doing my best to scrape the barrel of creativity in my brain and bring you posts that won't make you wish you were reading the insides of your eyelids. For those of you who don't blog, that ain't easy. But now, we're finally back on track. If you're not psyched, you must be a Phil Simms fan. So let's enjoy every minute of this. I can't wait 'til Sunday.

And if you're looking to indulge your domestic side, you enterprising tailgaters, you, check out TSW's Friday Football Foodie. Tostada cups and mint juleps and Michelob Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry, oh my! I might finally get some use out of that muffin tin my ex-girlfriend bought for our then-shared apartment (only to make muffins a whopping one I'm stuck with this bullshit...or I could just throw it out). Bonus.

So let's hear it -- What do you guys think about the Texans pass rush? Too much for our "feeble line" to handle? Any thoughts on Fast Willie? And, of course, will Ike Taylor actually nab an interception on Sunday?


domski43 said...

(putting my anthony smith hat on)

Big Ben is going to get sacked, but how many times? I'll say 3. Williams gets 2.

Ike Taylor interception? Not sure, he will be covering Andre Johnson. So, I'll go with Ryan Clark getting his hands on a ball and returning it for six. (mark it dude)

The Paker/Wreckingball rushing attack will accumulate 181 yards.

Heath Miller will have a large day.

Anonymous said...

Well, I agree Ben's definitely going to get sacked. But nothing can be worse that that 24-6 b@#%*$hit game in 2002 when Tommy xfl Maddox gave the game to the texans with 2 ints for tds and a fumble for a td. I mean who has 47 yards of offense and WINS the game? But, i digress. time to focus on Sunday. both Defensive ends are good, but I feel Willie will be running left as strong as ever. I feel more confident with Hartwig, than "I get flattened like a pancake" Mahan starting. Kemoeatu is a huge presence, I'm excited to see what he can do. Perhaps Deshea has an int, but we all know Ike can't catch. I'm definitely psyched for Sunday, and I'm also kind of psyched this site isn't banned today. Also, a little curious as to why that is.

Cotter said...


domski ~ I'd love to see Ryan Clark take one to the house, the Master Fly W. Large/Wreckingball tandem push the 200 yard mark, and Heath Miller have a big game. I mean, who wouldn't? Pray to Myron Cope and hopefully fantasy will become reality.

notgomu ~ Dude! You're able to read the blog at work? Whoa, who lifted the embargo? That's awesome! Now, may we never mention Tommy Maddox's on field exploits here at OFTOT again. Shitting on him, however, is still fair game. I'm interested to see Hartwig myself. I'm hoping that they sent Mahan back because they thought Hartwig was strong enough to be the guy all season, with Darnell Stapleton as a backup. Nevertheless, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

ya know what irritates me (more than tryin to sign up and get rid of this anonymous tag that is ) we finally have a great qb thru all those suck azz yrs of bad ones and our o-line sucks and to tell you the truth don't look for any improvement for a few yrs there that just pisses me off well good luck tom. steelers!!!!!!