September 5, 2008

Meeting People Is Easy...

Thunderdome. I'm sure I don't have to quote the cinematic classic for you. But where two men entered and one man left, there. Here, eight Steelers homers/bloggers entered and only one will leave.

What am I talking about? The Steelers Thunderdome Fantasy Football League.

When TSW approached me about being part of this esteemed affiliation, I didn't even think twice before replying, "will there be beer?" Kidding, of course. The email went something like - "Cotter, I had this idea last night that could end with 'and hilarity ensues.'" And the punchline was - A Steelers homer fantasy league.

So who was I to say no to that? My natural reaction was, "where do I sign?"

And I thought it'd be a nice way to introduce this to the world by getting these dudes (and TSW) on this week's Meeting People Is Easy panel. Plus, I got a couple of other special guests to spice things up even more.

Without further ado, in drafting order I'd like to introduce...

1. Christmas Ape ~ MIA.

2. Me ~ I am but your humble narrator.

3. Bryan ~ Yin to TSW's yang. AKA TheStarterBoyfriend, d/b/a Black 'n Gold Tchotchkes.

4. Keith ~ Dude will Melt Your Face Off...and +10 for the Arrested Development reference during our three or so day, marathon draft.

5. Pat ~ The face you all know and love behind - Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? and MLB Fanhouse. You know, kind of a big deal.

6. Tecmo ~ You probably don't know anything about Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies. Um, or NOT. I give you, The Inimitable, Tecmo.

7. Don ~ You know, from Mondesi's House. Perhaps you've heard of it?

8. TSW ~ Where has she not written? I mean, current Black 'n Gold Tchotchkes Executive Editor in charge of Bryan. Not to mention smartest person in the world for thinking of and coordinating this league. And to whom I owe many thanks for asking me to be part of this, most prestigious of fantasy leagues.

Of course, then there are the "real" panelists...

9. Sean ~ This man recently interviewed Olympian, Ric Blas Jr. And yeah, free burritos for a year. So lucky...

10. The Immortal Silky Johnson ~ Sure, he's an Eagles fan, but I've grown to love the guy and you will too.

And that, my friends, is Meeting People Is Easy...Click the below to enlarge...



TheStarterWife said...

The most fun I've had with a draft in years.

(Even if it took five days to complete.)

Pat said...

I would like to add that I answered these questions before I drafted Nate Washington with my final pick on Day Five of the Thunderdome draft.

Cotter said...

tsw ~ Haha, definitely the most fun I've had in a draft, myself! I was pretty much rolling with laughter the entire time. Thanks so much again for including me!

pat ~ Yeah, I suppose I should admit that somewhere along the line I drafted Lee Evans...and Bernard Berrian. Not Tommy Maddox, though. That definitely would've been beyond shameful!

Sean said...

Awesome! Thanks for including me in this week's MPIE. This is fun!

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Cotter - This one is for you. Lee Evans

This was fun.

Is there a possible coincedence between Jeff Reeds zaniness, and being dissed at the Pens game? Just a thought.

TheStarterBoyfriend said...

Stupendous! "It's science." I laughed at the convo so hard, my colleagues thought I was having too much fun at my desk, so they took away my frosted animal cookies.

Also, I've never be able to fit comments into that blasted one-line format. I'm too f---in' verbose. Apologies to everyone who had to read those footnotes.

Cotter said...

sean ~ It was great to have you, man! Hopefully this will not be the last time we get you on the "panel."

silky ~ I fully expect Lee Evans to ride my bench for the better part of the season...or until I make a daft waiver wire move. As for Jeff Reed, well, one can only speculate as to any correlation between his characteristics (physical or otherwise) and being dissed anywhere...he's a role model.

TSB ~ Dude, no apologies. That shit was golden! I'd rather footnote good responses than constrain your humor to one line. And yeah, our league is rife with humorists in full bloom.

PS - Sorry to hear about your frosted animal cookies. Good thing you have that stash in your trunk, right?