September 25, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

Proof positive that Karma is indeed a bitch.

Perhaps if ol' Ocho Cinco had spent more time in the Offseason training and practicing, instead of flapping his jaws about this and that, he might be better for it. Then again, the Bengals haven't exactly been a well oiled machine thus far. So perhaps it's not entirely his fault.

/points towards Carson Palmer

Anyways, here are some links that may produce better than Chad...

Oh, MJD. Bless your heart for defending our O-Line [Shutdown Corner]

Ben Roethlisberger '08 = David Carr '02? [Shutdown Corner]

The Mad Backer or Silverback? Who ya got? [On The Black Side]

Mendenhall facing Ravens blitz, AND Ravens jaws [Post-Gazette]

And lastly, a tribute to consistently shitty GM'ing [Tirico Suave]


Anonymous said...

Crappy headline. A good writer would have gone with something along the lines of:
"WR Ocho Cinco: nada touchdowns, only Ocho Ocho yards."

I'm sure someone can do better with that. I'll leave it to you all as a homework assignment.

Cotter said...

Man, that's Ochenta y Ocho yards. But you know, whatevs. Assignment accepted!