May 12, 2008

Making The Monday Rounds...

Another Monday means one week closer to opening day.

Step links for Steelers news....

Over the weekend Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was the commencement speaker for this year's graduating class at St. Vincent College. This makes me so jealous not only because terrible towels were twirling during a commencement ceremony, but my commencement speaker was the Senator of Delaware, Joe Biden. Biden was so terrible that he was booed at various points during his speech. I will forever hate that guy.

Woodley and Timmons must have been reading One For The Other Thumb. Its time to step up big time this year gentlemen.

The Sporting News' power rankings have the Steelers at #7 and the Browns at #9. Obviously they didn't hear that the Browns signed Shaun Rogers and Donte' Stallworth......CHAMPIONSHIP!

Santonio Holmes is ranked number five for wide receivers under the age of 25 by Sporting News. My homeboy Santonio is about to break out big time in 2008, don't forget that Santonio has been known to choke a bitch.

Brian Baldinger and his extremely freaky pinky finger reports from Steelers mini-camp. The video features Hines Ward (wearing one of those leather throw back helmets) as well as Fast Willie, Rashard Mendenhall, Limas Sweed, and a look through the Steelers trophy collection.

James Farrior will wear the new radio communication receiver in his helmet, which means he will be the only one on the defense with that silly green dot on his helmet.

Willie McGinest will not be there to see Brady Quinn take over the NFL.

$10,000 Big Ben bobblehead...not kidding

Ravens are fighting each other.

Bowen, this link is for you.

Bury me in this!


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

I am not even sure that I had a speaker at my graduation. Stupid winter ceremony...

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

Long live PBR!!!!

tecmo said...

I graduated St. Vincent College one year too early. It was last year at this time, and we had President George W. Bush as speaker (I think the picture at the top of this post is originally of Bush?). I would have rather had Tomlin. Although I did meet him at St. V. right after he was hired (I was impressed that he was already scouting the training camp facilities just days after he was announced as coach). Classy guy.

Oh, and Santonio is also on the "Biggest dongs of any WR under the age of 25" list.

Anonymous said...

Tec, what exactly do you know about Santonio's dong? Do i even want to know how or why you have this dong-knowledge? Are you a dong-a-holic of some sort?

The word "dong" highly amuses me. Almost as much as "poop". As in "Poop-Colored Ohioans/Browns".


So- who could evar have guessed that the RAVENS could act like thugs...what surprise! Ha.

And i am glad to hear that those two new Steeler LBs are actually practicing and in the mix. Woodley really did do a lot in a relatively small amount of playing time. Didn't he actually lead the team with six sacks? And he's a big- 'un.

Wonder if he's got a big dong? Tec, any input...?

Just kidding bro- much respect. I just needed to dong it out today for some reason. Apparently i'm a little dong-ish myself.

Rawk on, OFTOT-dom!

domski43 said...

silky - its time to start working on a 7-Eleven chili cheese dog casket

tecmo - you should have stayed in college another year (doesnt everyone feel that way?) that IS president bush with tomlin's head on top, sux you had to hear that r-tard speak.
Santonio's dong looked like Steely McBeam's head from my angle.

t-dong - its time to combine both words into "poopdong." now lets use it in a sentence... - tobiathan had poopdong after meeting the friendly prostitute.

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

A 7-11 Chili Cheese Dog casket certainly has promise. Although from the same era(The post graduate era) is the 40 oz of Old English casket!

What would a Santonio Dong Casket look like?