October 27, 2007

Let This Speak For Itself...

Honestly Cincinnati, what the F...Yes that is an elephant crushing a pumpkin with Big Ben's picture affixed to it with scotch friggin' tape...fine line between getting a fanbase fired up and obsession, no?


domski43 said...

i heard that the women of cincy were ugly..but this one looks like an elephant!

Anonymous said...

Excellent afternoon overall!

If i didn't know better i'd think the Steelers read OFTOT and heed our advice!

Kreider started, although he apparently got hurt early on in the first quarter. Big Ben looked waaay more involved in the game. And Brett Keisel looked like a monster on the Midway. Makes a guy feel appreciated to know a coaching staff takes his advice so literally.

OK...i know i'm dreaming but what they heck...

And yes: the pumpkin thing was pretty pathetic. Both the network and the fans involved should be ashamed of themselves. I've rarely seen such obviously biased anti-Steeler sentiment. Randy Cross is a boob. Did anybody else here him give "Jason Gildon" credit for one of Harrison's big plays? Or call Marvin Lewis "Marvin Harrison"? Better cut the drinks off for that twit at halftime. Geesh...

But yeah: Pittsburgh looked a lot better. Except, of course, for the fact that Ben did seem to have to work too hard to avoid the pass-rush yet again. What's with the o-line? They better get it together. And maybe Faneca has some gas left in his tank. It could go a long way to helping the rest of the line to hook that guy up with a new contract, IMHO.

As usual the officiating was crappy. How many times did Ocho Stinko push off today with no call? Every time? At least the ref's didn't make it any worse on us than they did. And they didn't overturn those challenged plays the way they usually seem to. I hate to be the fan who always complains about officials but every week in a Steeler game i see inconsistencies that i don't see in other games. Maybe it's just me.

The Bungles are done for the year, i think. Of course they will still play us hard again in a couple of weeks, trying to play the spoiler. It only makes them more dangerous in that situation if they have nothing to lose.

Apologies if my thoughts seem scattered but i'm still coming down off the intensity of the game and haven't put my head together.

We stil have a long way to go. As long as the Steelers remember that it is a tough, tough conference they play in and maintain their focus and intensity they'll be fine. Again, let the Prats and Clots take all the kudos and the Stillers slip under under the radar. It's 0-0 in the playoffs and one game at a time, and our guys play best with something to prove. Besides, we owe the Patriots some payback for those AFC Championship losses back in the day.

PS- Gotta give Ben credit for Favre-like escability and some accurate throws. He really stepped up today! Attaboy!

Go Stillers!