June 2, 2009

Headline of the Day...

What do you do when there's nothing worthwhile to write about?

Well, besides post a YouTube video, that is...



Thank God for everyone else on the internets, because if you had to rely on my own feeble brain for entertainment, things could get a little hairy.

Today's "headline?"

"Cocks of a feather stick together."

I should've been a newsman. Missed opportunity.

And now for the links...

Big Ben loses out to his buddy Lebron in that awards thing everyone mentioned last week...but at least the Ben to Santonio play in the Super Bowl got "Play of the Year"...because, you know, everyone measures success by whether or not you win an "award" from the Spike network... [PSaMP]

An autographed pic from James Harrison? Who do I have to blow? I mean... [Blogbuster Sports Page]

Random AQ Shipley fact of the day - he scored 40 out of 50 on the Wonderlic [Trib]

John Clayton thinks the Ravens with "catch" the Steelers in either '09 or '10...which of course means jack shit [ESPN]

Florio's #7 worst offseason move = The Steelers franchising Max Starks...and I can't necessarily disagree...but I also found his #1 rather interesting... [The Sporting News]

Ziggy is impressing at OTAs...Ziggy Hood, that is. Not to be confused with Sean's Ziggy... [SteelCityInsider]

The Pens may be down, but 2-0 doesn't mean they're dead in the water. Reference: Caps series [The Legend of Vincent Tremblay]

It's a tough job, but someone's gotta keep blogging ignorance in check. Vern is a good man. And thorough... [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

It's always nice to see the Pirates win, but you can't really ignore the Mets lineup in this one... [WHYGAVS]

Holy blast from the past! [Deadspin]

Charlie Brown throwing out the first pitch was about as successful as the movie Snow Dogs [Sean's Ramblings]

"That's what she said" FAIL(?) ...er, something like that... [FAIL Blog]

Nothing screams "sexy" like a family full of cowboy hats. How do I get a ticket to THAT rodeo? [Sexy People]

Maticulous at Huckleberry Bar - June 12th. You should probably be there. [Maticulous Music]

"Best Song to Sing In Your Car" - get your submissions to Sheena by Friday! [Sheena Beaston]

Sometimes, a statement is so hypocritical you can taste it... [Grumpy Old Dog]

What NOT to do at weddings... [KB Toys With...]

Closing notes/after thoughts of the day...

1. Due to the size of these internets and my lack of time for surfing them, there may be some good pieces of news I missed. Oops, my bad.

2. I am literally counting the seconds until training camp. Which reminds me, if any of you are going to camp on a specific set of dates, email me. Tec and I will likely be making the annual pilgrimage and it'd be nice to meet some of you in person. Maybe share a beverage or two at Sharky's...who knows.

3. Meeting People Is Easy will actually be appearing this week. I'm calling it now. If you wanna be on this week's panel, you can assure yourself a spot by emailing me. Otherwise, you can probably just respond to the email I send out if you're part of the cast of usual suspects.

4. Please forgive the recent intermittent frequency of posting. There are a number of contributing factors, but the most salient is that I have nothing to say. Shocking, I know. I can hardly believe it, myself.

5. Balls

...just go with it.

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Sean said...

Thanks for the links! Count me in for this week's MPIE.