May 15, 2009

I'm Dumb...

You know you've finally had your "blogger" moment when you mistakenly post a picture of Chris Hoke's Super Bowl ring, thinking it's his XLIII ring, when really it's his XL ring.

That happened to me yesterday, under cover of night.

The semi-good news is, it was late and it was on Twitter. Which I'd like to say eliminates a large majority of the universe. But sadly, no.

Oh well, at least I made it over two years before it happened.

...which I believe is also what I said after the last time I had sex. Weird.

Happy Friday, kids. Your humble narrator is a slow adult.

How does it feel to enable my retardation day-after-day?

...yeah, I'm not even putting that footer in here asking you to follow me on Twitter, when clearly you should not be...

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