April 22, 2009

Headline of the Day...

You'll have to excuse me, for I don't have a headline to give you today.

However, in my defense, as you may have noticed, the only NFL "news" fit to print this week is pretty much a series of peoples random guessing of which team will pick which player on Saturday.

Mock drafts. You're not cool until you've done one...


Anyways, I'm knee deep in editing a "scholarly" article for my Sports Law class, due tomorrow night. So I'm gonna go do that. I'm not sure why, though. As soon as the word "scholarly" was used, my grade automatically dropped to a C+. Oh well, at least I'll be handing in some sheets of paper that my professor can use to wipe his ass while he's grading everyone else's masterpieces, on the can.

Hmmmmm, in hindsight, the mental image that created might have been a tad, um, "unnecessary"...

Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries.

Now, lastly, WTF is this???

I love the Namath tribute. AND the fact that the last time the Jets were even in a Super Bowl, Namath was QB. This guy must be die hard. I'll bet he loves Brett Favre. Go Jets.

Most of the news out there may be less than entertaining, but not these links...

China Jack and Gavin are really blowing up! [PSaMP]

Who wants to buy me this fridge?? I can pay you in blog links. Or love xoxoxoxo [Sean's Ramblings]

Steelers rings are expected to be just like I like my women - "Big" and "Juicy" [WPXI]

Tomlin happy with the current O-line...guess you can't really complain too much when you win a Super Bowl, right? [Trib]

Yeah, the Steelers def need another receiver this year... [Observer-Reporter]

Yet another Steeler who needs a new contract - Heath Miller. **SIGH** [Trib]

Some draft "sleepers" from "small schools" [SI.com]

The Jagoffs have a lot of holes to fill in this year's draft...also, it amazes me that people continue to think David Garrard is the real deal [AP]

William "The Refrigerator" Perry is in serious condition. My prayers go out to him [Sun Times]

Pat White trying to show people he's not just a clever name [AP]

Oh, Crosby sucks? Hmmm, that's interesting... [HFSS]

MAF is impenetrable...that's what she said [The Pensblog]

The Pirates win again! Marlins are the best team in baseball? Riiiiggghhhhhtttt [WHYGAVS]

If I was going to steal someone's look, I'm not sure I'd steal Jason Giambi's...but then again, I'm also not Rick Ankiel [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Attention runners of Lancaster County: Beware Doug's truck [Dug E Fresh]

All aboard the FAIL boat [FAIL Blog]

I'm all for bashing The Hills...right on, Chris Bosh and friends [NESW Sports]

This reminds me of the time that Tec and I decided the environment was being way too coddled [9-to-fried]

I'm gonna let Tiny350z's words speak for this one: "This is sad... but I'm sorry, how do you "forget" you have a gun? That seems like a pretty important piece of property to maintain - ya know, if you have a kid and what not." [CNN]

Graduating law students job prospects = grim...FMyLife.com...no doubt this will please some of you spiteful assholes, though [Law.com]

Face it, rappers. You do NOT run the streets. Get over it [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

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Happy Earth Day, everyone. In honor of this day, you see I've chosen to write words on the internet rather than kill trees writing on actual paper. Good Samaritan WIN.

Editing my life away...

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Grumpy said...

Just keep evidence of the cheese fries off the "scholarly" article.