March 23, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Ok, so while I feel like I should be writing some words here on the internet today, I can almost guarantee that none of them will make any sense. Turns out that when you spend three straight nights destroying what few brain cells you still have, your brain starts to revolt against you. There's a civil war being waged in my head right now. The South is winning.

Anyways, not like you care, but here's what I learned this weekend...

1. Crispy Cajun Mac n' Cheese is a gift from God
2. Pitt needs to quit effing around
3. Domski is still a ridiculous human being
4. Tequilla shots, FTW!
5. At a certain point, Advil cannot help you anymore
6. Driving sucks
7. Rock Band 2 is more addictive than Mint Milano cookies
8. After 2 AM, all bets are off
9. Laughter is the best medicine
10. Sometimes taking a step back can be the best idea you've ever had

Speaking of which - you may have noticed the little hiatus I took for the last several days. That was not just a coincidence. See, when you blog every day for like over a year straight without giving yourself a break, you start to go a little stir crazy.

Plus, I pretty much have never had a busier week than I had last week. At no point last week was there any facet of my life that wasn't making me feel like the walls were closing in. So I did what I had to do. Hopefully that will be the last "hiatus" for a while, but you know, something about no guarantees.

I guess the good news is - I see the internets haven't imploded in my absence. So that's cool...

Unfortunately, however, as much as I'd like to tell you that this little respite has made me, it hasn't.


Hangovers, FTW!

Anyways, in my triumphant return, I give you these links...


Steelers re-signed Anthony Madison. Are you shocked I didn't dedicate an entire post to this? [Post-Gazette]

Um...the Steelers have like 1800 new investors apparently? [Post-Gazette]

NFL = no fun league. Hines Ward rule? Please. [Post-Gazette]

Big time news - John Elway is sad... [Associated Press]

Blogs With Balls 2009. I'll be there, man [HHR]

At least SOMEONE gets it... [Lion In Oil]

Daily link to FAIL blog [FAIL Blog]

Jonas Brother is a racist. No need to make a joke here. The fact that I just mentioned a Jonas brother is joke enough itself [The Superficial]

I can't really see the screen anymore right now. So I'm gonna go do nothing on my couch and hope that eventually I'll feel human again. Until then, take 'er easy, dudes and dudettes.

I leave you with these...

PS - Feel free to take this opportunity to tell us all how your brackets are doing. That's all I've heard from everyone else today anyhow...

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tiny350Z said...

Your re-emergence into Nirvana, specifically Drain You is a direct correlation to playing Rock Band 2 forever.

In bracket news: I hate West Virginia. I should have created only one bracket so I wouldn't have conflicting feelings during games. Go Pitt!

Oh and welcome back!

Grumpy said...

Should stick to Mint Milanos. You'll learn one day.

Noah said...

how about RB2 while eating Mint Milanos? eh? EH?