February 17, 2009

Dude, Quit It...

Seems like 2009 is the year of "One For The Other Thumb."

And unfortunately, I don't mean this blog, but rather everybody else lining their pockets using it's namesake.

The latest rip-off job comes courtesy of a bunch of amateurs calling themselves, Shalgo Industries, LLC. As you can see, I'm blatantly not linking to these clowns, so y'all can't go buy the bootleg, schwag Super Bowl shirts they're selling. Mark my words, if you buy anything from this company, you're banned from this blog. Seriously. And don't even make the "too late, I already did" joke. It will not go over well.

Hey, assbags at Shalgo, Industries, LLC - I don't really mind you marketing your shit to people using my blog's name. I mind slightly more that you're marketing it to them on Facebook. I mind a whole lot that you're marketing it to ME on MY OWN profile.

And you know that's my profile, because you can see that my Mom gave me a Valentine's Day gift, there. Yeah, my Mom gave me a Valentine on Facebook. Jokes on you, so did yours!


Oh and Shalgo - Kindly pull the plug, like, yesterday. It is not appreciated.

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Noah said...

That's a low blow, but honestly, what can you do besides ask pretty please? I'm not saying that to diss anybody, I'm just sayin....

Cotter said...

What I can do is make a joke out of it. Which is exactly what I did.


domski43 said...

now its on to one for the other pointer finger

Anonymous said...

one for the root