January 9, 2009

Meeting People Is Easy...

Man, I gotta start sleeping more.

This week's panel is...

1. Ben
2. tiny350z
3. big TC
4. THE Jim
5. Don
6. Sheena Beaston
7. Shawn K
8. Nate
9. Vern
10. Doug
11. Me

Click to enlarge...

Someone wake me up in time for the AFC North Headline of the Day.



- Cotter


big TC said...
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big TC said...

i can't type, see footnote 1... now i'm going to watch my recording of the bcs national championship (no one tell me who won) and take a shot everytime they say tebow... i should be blown away in 11minutes tops

Noah said...

Actually, Doug: We DO play the Lions next year! NFC North and AFC West, here we come.

Get Fresh Designs said...

balls. i meant have to play the steelers twice a year every year.