January 28, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

I love it. I don't understand it, but I love it. Obviously the NFL or whoever is responsible for this ridiculousness is aware of the rules of entertainment.

Rule #570 - The following will always bring down the house...
1. Monkeys
2. Scantily clad chicks
3. The Electric Slide
4. Dudes getting hit in the nuts
5. Dudes in drag

Well done, marketing department. You deserve a raise.

In addition to dudes in drag and those other monstrosities above, these links will also always bring down the house...

Big Ben looks like a dude from the show "Human Wrecking Ball" [PSaMP]

Shutdown Corner contributor, Nick Friedell and Max Starks went to HS together. No one of consequence went to my HS. So sad...not [Shutdown Corner]

Jared Retofsky - a story everyone should read. I hope this guy gets a ring. What an underappreciated job [Post-Gazette]

Rod Woodson thinks the Steelers drew the hardest team to defend against [Post-Gazette]

Good piece in the Times about Dan Rooney [NY Times]

If you're looking for a Steeler bar in the greater Tampa area, this article's got you covered [TCPalm.com]

Our buddies over at The Legend of Cecilio Guante have got the odds on the MVP sitch covered [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

And our friends at The Sports Hernia have put together the Jeff Reed rendition of "The Boys Are Back in Town" (my words, not theirs) [The Sports Hernia]

Speaking of Jeff Reed, it appears he's already hit the party scene pretty hard [KSK]

Vern is not a fan of Mark Madden. Count me in, dude [You Lay On The Ice Like A Broad!]

The Bus thinks that the Steelers will win...but if the game goes into the 30 points range, the Cards will win. Nice hedging, Bus [Blog 'N Gold]

Man, if you wanna see a hat! [Flickr]

Apparently the Pirates are eyeing...Luis Gonzalez? Ok? [WHYGAVS]

Lingerie Bowl's been canceled. My life is over. [Shutdown Corner]

If this is what I have to look forward to, count me out [San Diego 10]

Cheerleading is now a contact sport in Wisconsin...and by Wisconsin, I mean my place [WSJ Law Blog]

Today's theme at the Riffs is appropriately "Songs Involving Weather" [Friday Morning Riffs]

Still taking volunteers for Meeting People Is Easy. Questions going out this afternoon. Find your way to my inbox if you're interested - onefortheotherthumb@gmail.com.

By the way, I find it rather ironic that with the Steelers in the Super Bowl, all of my friends in the sports blogosphere want to send me links to things they've written about the Steelers or just the game in general, and yet they're not linking to this blog, which is, of course a STEELERS blog. Whatev.

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Sean said...

I just want the record to show that I did link to one of your posts this week. Of course, it was about the fact that you bought a Snuggie, but it's still a link!