January 20, 2009

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

First of all, I may make a lot of jokes on this here blog. But I'm still a human being. Sort of. At least in the sense that I do actually care about other people's well-being. Even opponents (might be singing a different tune if it was Terrell Suggs or Ray Lewis, though). And thank God it looks like McGahee's gonna be just fine.


This whole playing music thing, to me, is being blown out of proportion just a little. I mean, I agree with MJD, who in his post pointed out that silence would have been worse than Rob Thomas. Of course, to be fair, in any other venue, Rob Thomas is way worse than silence. But in this situation, I agree that silence would've only made things more tense.

Still, I'll admit, my immediate thought was - wait, why are they playing music right now? So it's not like I can't see where this is all coming from.

The only other thing I can say is - go back and watch the Cleveland game. I don't remember, and unfortch I don't have it on my DVR anymore, but it's entirely possible that they cut the music for Ben's injury. In which case, while I still think it's being blown out of proportion, the criticism is certainly more valid.

Either way, I highly doubt the guy in charge of those tunes meant any ill will towards Willis McGahee. And anyone who says Rob Thomas/Santana's "Smooth" is a dig is stretching. At least I don't see the connection. And Credence's "Down on the Corner?" I see no offense there either. Then again, I firmly believe that Credence is completely unoffensive to everyone. Except maybe "Fortunate Son" to some. Anyways, clearly this post has gone completely offtrack. I'm ending it now.

Feel free to add your opinion to the mix in the comments, if the mood strikes you.

Otherwise, say what you will about the sound guy, but these links' degree of respect is unquestioned...

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Congratulations, Obama!

Now, show me the money.

PS - Check it out, the Terrible Towel was there too...

Go America!


random asshole said...

How about some footage?

That post has video where you can hear the sound system playing music as Ben's lying on the field.

Cotter said...

And there you have it. No double standards.

Even further credence. And I don't mean the "Lookin' Out My Back Door," Credence.

Good shit, asshole.

Vern said...

That's a great point about Ben. Never thought of that.

Also, it was clear that McGahee was not paralyzed when he started, you know, moving. I assumed it was a bad concussion right from the start. I'm going to make a rap song for Gunpowder Jones about injured players that could be played in this situation.