December 29, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, putting aside the fact that I question any Ravens fan/writer's credibility as "he who shall fix the NFL," one particularly peculiar suggestion offered that caught my attention was...

"Second, change the instant replay system now! Since most teams and coaches seemed to like the replay system, the owners and TV networks should together spend the money needed to make it right. If hockey can have a way of showing if a puck crosses the goal electronically without a referee’s judgment, then so can the richer NFL to improve their game. All stadiums should be changed so that all line calls can be accomplished by an electronic system. Each line, side line, goal line, or first down line should be done with modern electronic technology. No instant replay should be done by the human eye or have human error involved."
Gee...I wonder why you're so worried about goal line plays? Could it be that you've still got your panties in a bunch over Santonio's catch two weeks ago?


You still let us drive 92 yds to put ourselves in a position to make that play. And let's be honest, every team gets calls for them, every team gets calls against them. Your job is to put yourself in the best position to win. Am I wrong?

A few more points on the board and that TD doesn't even matter.

Hey Ravens fans, Justin Timberlake's got a message for you...

Besides, you made the playoffs anyhow! So who gives a Raven's rat's ass?

Baltimore may continue to be bitter, but these links are super sweet...

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Wow, today it's raining blood for NFL Head Coaches, huh?


Anonymous said...

It's almost 6 PM and I expected Marvin Lewis and/or Herm Edwards to be fired by now.

tiny350Z said...

Agreed. I was just thinking the same thing.