November 18, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Me neither.

Sure are.

Fuckin' A**.

Fewest. Words. Ever.

Links. Read them...

Head tattoos. Good for your brain...probably not. Sweet 'stache, though [PSaMP]

Vote Willie for FedEx Ground Player of the Week! []

And Silverback for GMC Defensive Player of the Week! h/t - Sheena! []

The Daily News thinks we'd give the G-Men the hardest time in the Super Bowl. For the record, so do I...if our Offense learns how to score TDs, that is [NY Daily News]

Sean poses some interesting Steelers questions [Sean's Ramblings]

Wait, who's telling Joe Greene he wouldn't be so Mean today? [CBS Sportsline]

The Eagles Offense was predictable? That's never happened before. /throws ball to Brian Westbrook in the flat []

Cool, 'cause I was gonna blame you, anyhow. So... [Associated Press]

** Rare occasion in which I will actually use the F word in it's full written out form. Apologies if this offends your delicate sensibilities or somehow damages my credibility in your eyes. If you'd like to pay me to write this blog, I'll gladly knock this douchebaggery off promptly.


Sheena Beaston said...

and then vote for the beast known as Jimmy Harry for defensive PotW

Christy said...

Cincy talk of payback? Payback for what? Is it our fault they suck or something?

domski43 said...

payback for breaking Palmers leg still? (get over it)

Sean said...

Thanks for the link. By the way, I would vote for Tomlin over Whisenhunt.