November 17, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Well, despite the fact that Donovan McNabb and "several other Eagles veterans" didn't know an NFL game could end in a tie, that's just how their game against our next kill, Cincy, ended. And yes, as I mentioned earlier, the game could've gone Cincy's way. Granted, a 47 yard field goal isn't exactly a chip shot. But still, in the waning seconds to have that chance, and blow it, has to hurt. Then again, when you're already 1-8, what's another loss or in fact, a tie?

I'm not sure we can get anything helpful from this game. I didn't see it, but it certainly didn't sound like the Bengals got dominated. But, I mean, they did only manage to score 13 points despite intercepting Donovan McNabb THREE times. Does this mean Cincy's a formidable foe? Probably not. Does this mean we have to be weary of Ryan Fitzpatrick? Probably not (though he did pass for a respectable 261 yards, including one TD). Does mean that they'll be beat up for the game we've got against them in three days? Doubtful (again, I did not see the Eagles game so I can't say this definitively). So then, what? Just something else to laugh about, I guess.

I kind of have to give it to 'em, though. They were 1-8, which meant there was absolutely nothing to play for in this one except dignity. And yet, they still played one of those NFC East "powerhouses" hard for 60 minutes of regulation and 15 of OT. That's more than I can say for the Rams.

Well neither Cincy nor Philly were winners yesterday, but these links sure are today...

The MMCNY in full effect [PSaMP]

Hell hath no fury like a shitload of gamblers scorned [Sports Crackle Pop]

Speaking of being irate...I'd hate to be Norv Turner today...or ever for that matter. Good thing you replaced Marty Schottenheimer with a winner, San Diego (Yes, Vern. Before you even say it, I'm aware of last season's 11-5 record and playoff success...this is for entertainment purposes) [Tirico Suave]

Whoa, I think Peter King is saying the Steelers have a shot in the playoffs. Weird (see paragraph 5) []

Jim Fassel, like the Gods, must be crazy [ESPN]

YES! I'll probably fail out of law school once I get this...but that was going to happen anyway, right? [Hugging Harold Reynolds]


domski43 said...

NFC East - Giants lost to Browns, Bengals took the Giants to overtime, Steelers beat the Redskins, and Bengals tie the Eagles.


Vern said...

Wasn't gonna say it. I think firing Marty was stupid as well.

Although I do think Norv is a freaking awesome Offensive Coordinator.

Vern said...

Also...Peter King is a retard. A team looking like it will be the number two seed is the "spoiler"? Same with the Cardinals.

Later on he suggest that Jeremy Shockey might end up being a mistake for the Saints. Gee, ya think Peter? Fuck him.

Cotter said...

domski ~ What's the temperature of Eagles country today? Is it closer to "Season's over," or "Fire Donovan McNabb?"

vern ~ Just a preemptive strike. And you know, I mean, in Peter King's defense, it's hard to think rationally when your head is permanently stuck in Brett Favre's anal crevice.

domski43 said...

I've heard some eagles fans talking about deciding to cheer for other teams.

Others feel that McNabb needs to go.

Common sense says: dont try to run a west coast offense with shitty receivers and maybe try to get a short yardage back.

Christy said...

I think McNabb has McAlzeimers.