November 14, 2008

AFC North Headline Of The Day...

Really, Giants? Really? Joe Flacco?

I mean, I guess I have to give the guy credit. He actually has been managing games for the Ravens rather well. And by that I mean, not turning the ball over and handing off to Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and La'ron McClain 35+ times a game. But hey, listen, they're winning. So who am I to criticize?

I do like how the Daily News qualified him as "Above Average," though. I think that's kind of their way of saying, "yeah, he's ok."

And here's a fun quote from Antonio Pierce...

"I think in the first four games this season he was a rookie still. He is maybe still a rookie..."
Uh...well, yeah. I mean, this is still his first season. So yeah, that would make him a rookie, dude.

Of course, I believe Pierce was speaking in the metaphorical sense, saying that Flacco has matured rather quickly by NFL QB standards. Although, I gotta say, he's only played six games since those 1st four, Antonio. Are you saying that six games can show that a guy has matured? I think I could probably find six games last season in which Eli Manning still looked like a Rook, but I doubt you'd call HIM one.

Either way, go Fighting Blue Hens! Division I-AA powerhouse!

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domski43 said...

The ravens have figured out a good the ball to set up the pass. Wow! that is a novel concept. Wonder if Arians is paying attention, probably not.

Joe Flacco has been on-point recently. He throws a nice deep ball and has been doing extremely well with a group of mediocre wide receivers. The guy scares me not only this season, but down the road as well.

Go Giants!

ladi izz said...

Jason Whitlock is a flipping moron. Don't get me wrong, I had a good laugh at seeing Romeo and Marvin on there (shouldn't Marvin been higher up on the list?), but if you check out the flip side with the Best Coaches, the list is wrong. The Hooded Prick at 2?! Jim Zorn was 1?! And Jeff Fisher was 4, I think. He's got the only undefeated team in the NFL, and everyone who made prognostications of who would be the last team undefeated, I'm pretty sure none of them said the Titans.