October 10, 2008

AFC North Headline of the Day...

You know who else would like to avoid a Giant mess? Me. Every day of my life. But that's a whole different post for another time.

Yeah, the Browns have a tall order this week, huh?

Stallworth still out, Winslow probably out, a bunch of other people hurt, Derek Anderson still at QB, Jamal Lewis still at RB, Romeo Crennel still coaching, and half the cretacious period on Defense. Should be a fun time against the three headed monster Giant running game and sack happy Giant defensive front.

I, for one, will be watching this game closely. Mostly because it'll be the only game on national TV for me. See, living in the NY area means having to muddle through both the Jets AND Giants every week and hoping that the bonus game isn't Rams-Lions (as of right now, it's looking like we have no bonus game...which is probably better than Rams-Lions anyhow).

Let's just hope it's a bloodbath. God forbid the Browns beat the Giants. Can you imagine the renewed "Browns are a contender" talk coming out of Cleveland? I can. And it makes me wanna puke. Even more than Brady Quinn's face.

But I digress.

Let these links serve as Pepto to soothe your intellectual "stomach"...

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Still, some people found a good way to fill the news void [This Is Getting Old]

Giants aren't taking Corey Williams' "threats" seriously...well, I mean, would you? [Newsday]

Sure, Matt knows how to work the tables, but can he make the bed and feed the dog? Sounds like he better! [LJKC]


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domski43 said...

everyone will be able to see the giants trounce the browns....remember when sunday night football and monday night football felt they were going to be the next hot team?

well, i'm hoping for a prime time monday night beat down by the giants!

you wanted prime time, you got it cleveland! hahahhaha