August 6, 2008

It's Gotta Be The Visor...

"Yes, our defense is hard for any quarterback, but Dixon's doing a helluva job. He's still making mistakes, but when he's on point, he's on point."

- Hines Ward
We've been talking about Wreckingball Rashard Mendenhall and Limas Speed Sweed for months now. But here's one name we haven't called in a while - Dennis Dixon.

According to the ever-sagacious, Jim Wexell, Dixon had the best practice of his three month career on Monday. Not only that, but his knee looks like it's as good as new and he's expected to see some decent action in Friday's game.

Surprisngly (or maybe not), I really like Dixon. I'm not exactly the biggest fan of the QB/RB/WR/Kordell Stewart. BUT, I think what makes Dixon different to me is his work ethic. After he got injured back in November, he set out to be ready for April. And indeed, he made a good enough recovery to get himself drafted by the Steelers (who don't mince draft picks) in the 5th round (5th, right?). Oh, and did I mention all the while he chronicled his progress for scouts on his website?

So this means a few things to me...

1. He's got a will of steel
2. He's a good physical specimen
3. He's confident in his ability

Of course, these will all serve him well while holding Chalie Batch's clipboard. But will they help him on the field? Well, only time will tell. Even if Dixon does catch on as 3rd QB, it's not likely he'd even see any real action unless Charlie Batch got run over on the way to Heinz Field. That OR Batch retires. Either way.

Nevertheless, it sounds like Dixon just might end the Steelers tradition of drafting wastes of perfectly good QB roster space.


So guys, is Dennis Dixon just another failed QB experiment waiting to happen? Or is he the potential heir apparent to Chuck Batch?

In other news, I am still sans-internets, and Cablevision just might be the most useless profit-making venture since the financial services industry. I would definitely vote them off the island. I am getting pretty good at this blackberry typing, though.

Also, Tecmo and I will be invading Latrobe/Da 'burgh this weekend. Training camp Sunday, anyone? I'll bring the beers. I'll bring the beers...


domski43 said...

I'll be there for training camp on sunday along w/ sandy and john, the wife..possibly bunda and mike "head of northeast scouting for the arizona cardinals/towel boy" boni...i dont think franco is allowed to come though (even though he is faster than willie parker)

I'm excited to see how Dixon plays this Friday. I hope he plays like Colt Brennen did the other night for the Redskins. The Steelers definitely need a backup qb to groom because Chuck-B is getting a little long in the tooth (no disrespect I heart Chuck). In the future maybe Dennis-D can be used as trade bait?

Lexington Steele said...

Dennis Dixon gives me nothing but good vibes and optimism about the dreaded "what if" situation of Big Ben going down. Not only that, he gives us the opportunity to mix up some of our all-too-famous Pittsburgh Trickery to keep the opposing defense off-balance and on its heels.

Batch has been great, and will continue to be so when called upon, but we all know as he's nearing his mid thirties it just may have been the perfect time to draft Dixon. Look for Ben to light it up another season, but don't be surprised if we see Dixon in there makin his new mentor proud as early as Friday night!!

Cotter said...

domski ~ Me too. Brennan looked real good for Washington, even if he was up against the Colts 3rd stringers. I hope Dixon shits all over the Eagles secondary. I can't wait to watch.

lexington ~ You read my mind. I'd love it if Batch could play forever (consistently at the same level). But alas, he's already geriatric by NFL standards and it seems like only a matter of time before we need a new backup plan. Hopefully Dixon will/can be that plan. Always nice to have a former Heisman hopeful as your backup, wouldn't you say?

The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

2 Words:


marc said...

Can't make it for training camp, i'll be on vacation. Have some beers for me

Statesville Housing Center said...

If Batch takes a liking to Dixon and Dixon keeps humble- Batch can teach him the ropes. What a great teacher to learn from in my opinion. We have the possibility to have a good backup and a first teamer if the need presents itself!

Kind of like Mario teaching Jagr, ya'll remember how that experiment went? Pretty awesome if I remember correctly!