April 30, 2008

Does This Spell the End of the Fullback Position in Pittsburgh?

Does this spell the end of the fullback position in Pittsburgh?
Does the addition of Sweed mean the Steelers will use more 3 wide receiver sets?

If Limas can beat out Nate Washington as the #3 wide receiver, and the Steelers use more three wide receiver sets it means that (a hot topic or sore topic on OFTOT) fullback will play an even less predominate role. Even though Owen Schmitt was continually brought up as the next lead blocker, he is currently a Seahawk, and the Steelers did not address the fullback position at all in this year's draft. This means that Carey Davis remains the only fullback on the roster.

Personally, I love seeing the Steelers line up in strong formations with a nasty fullback that provides the key block that springs the running back into the second level of the opponent's defense (ala Dan Kreider).

Is Carey Davis the man?
Will Limas Sweed beat out Nate Washington?
Is Cotter the next Johnnie Cochran?


The Immortal Silky Johnson said...

I always saw you more as an ambulance chaser. That could be a good position battle to watch during training camp, and preseason.

Marc said...

Cotter can just represent the Steelers that's a full time job anymore..

I think that we will use a lot less of the FB, we didn't use it a ton last year and with all the talent we have at WR we might forego it a bit.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The team should have drafted WVU fullback Owen Schmitt instead of Oregon QB Dennis Dixon.

tobiathan said...

I couldn't agree more with JPPB.

Big mistake on Colbert's part, methinks....

How do we NOT take a guy so versatile as Owen? Maybe he won't get signed in Seattle and we'll get him on the waivers? Or as a free-agent later?