March 11, 2008

Phil Savage'll Make It Rain On You Hoes...

One man's trash is another man's treasure I guess. Something like that, right?

Seems like the Browns M.O.

We ship 'em out, they bring 'em in -- the latest being former Miami Guard/Center, Rex Hadnot, who the Steelers interviewed last Thursday and declined to offer a contract.

You know - I will say, the Browns have made some smart moves this off season, beginning with the re-signing of Derek Anderson. But before we, as Steeler fans, begin to get all cold war and shit, let's take a step back and put things into perspective for a minute.

Face it, this isn't exactly the 2006-2007 Patriots acquiring Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Adalius Thomas, and Donte Stallworth here. It's the Cleveland Browns trading for Corey Williams and Shaun Rodgers, and signing Rex Hadnot, and...well, Donte Stallworth. I'm not saying these moves don't raise my eyebrows a bit. I'm just saying that it's the Browns.

If all remains right with the world, the Steelers will have an excellent draft as usual, while the Browns will watch from the sidelines for the 1st three rounds. The Steelers will continue to pay lots and lots of dollars for pro bowlers like Big Ben and Troy Polamalu, and the Browns will pay lots and lots of dollars for guys who've never really lived up to their potential(s) (see Rodgers, Stallworth). Also, let's not forget the LeCharles Bentley experiment. See how that worked out for them?

...Always good when the best thing you have to talk about is the Cleveland Browns...yep.

PS - Forgot to mention yesterday, but I will be paying a visit to the left coast this weekend, leaving Thursday for LA. So while that probably won't stop me from posting here on OFTOT, it does give any of you Californians fair warning. Bring me to your hot women with fake boobs leader!

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Jim Johnson said...

We'll just have to wait and see about the Rogers trade. Cleveland has been burned by D-Linemen before like "Big Money". As a Browns fan, I can say it can't get any worse on the Defensive front seven.

Maybe we'll see some good football in Cleveland now. Time will tell.

Man, that dig at Bentley was a bit much, though. Stuff happens and it probably means his career is over. He nearly lost his leg. The dude was getting to come home to his home town team as a very rich man and blows out his knee on the first day? Nobody saw that one coming.

Cotter said...

Thanks for the comment, Jim! I may not like the Browns on principle, but I like to hear perspective from the other side.

I agree - you do have to wait and see on these guys. Much like, as a Steelers blogger, I have to point out that there is a distinct possibility these moves will backfire. It's really more for entertainment anyway, nothing personal. And as I said, I applaud Savage for showing some real initiative and cohones.

As for Bentley - again, entertainment value is paramount around here. As a person, I'm sorry he might have lost his leg. As a Steeler fan, I can't help but use him as an example of free agency gone awry for the Browns.

One way or another, it should make things in the AFC North real interesting next year.

Feel free to check in with me occasionally to offer a Browns fan's perspective! And thanks again for the comment!

domski43 said...

and why did savage spend all kinds of cash??? =

The Chief said...

I don't know... I'm thinking Cleveland is actually improving! Maybe I'm just being scared!