February 29, 2008

Happy Overpay for Mediocre Players Free Agency Day...

"If you're looking to secure more talent in free agency, which we're not a big part of anyway, it's probably not good."

- Kevin Colbert
First of all, thank god it's Friday. For the C man, it's been a long, hard road this week that actually won't be ending tody, but close enough.

Anyways, as you all well know, this offseason's free agency officially began at midnight this morning/last night and of course, the Steelers have not expressed any interest in partaking of this year's talent pool...not that I blame them.

Nonetheless, there are actually a few guys out there who I wouldn't mind seeing in Black and Gold - if even just for training camp, then who knows.

With that, the list begins:
  • Ty Law ~ Domski thinks, and I actually agree here, that just having Ty Law in the locker room would give the Steelers a much needed Defensive leadership boost. Plus, I'm not convinced that his career is over, and where better to try and revive it than in his hometown. Still, I wonder if he would be adverse to the idea of playing Free Safety...

  • Lorenzo Neal ~ Some of you probably remember that I was never much a fan of the Carey Davis experiment. I mean if you were going to keep a fullback, it might as well have been one who could actually block for Fast [but fragile] Willie. Instead, we kept Davis based on a half decent preseason performance carrying the football. And then we handed the ball off to him like twice all season. So all I'm saying is, with Dan Kreider likely on the outs, I wouldn't mind bringing Neal in at least to see what he can still do, until we find a better solution at fullback. Or something. What do I know?

  • Shane Olivea ~ Are you wowed by Willie Colon? Me either. Of course there is Max Starks, who we recently slapped with the coveted Transition tag (sarcasm is palpable). But I just have a feeling Olivea might not be a bad guy to have in Pittsburgh. Doesn't make a ton of sense, but I'm going on a feeling here...

  • Seth McKinney ~ Wait, Cotter, you want a Brown on your team? Shit yeah, if he can stay healthy. Plus he was only a Brown for one year, which I believe is a short enough stay so that he remains untainted by the stink of Cleveland. McKinney only made it through eight games last season with the Browns, but let's face it, a traffic cone would be a better solution at Center than Sean Mahan. So draw your own conclusions...

  • Bryant Johnson ~ Maybe it's the Penn Stater in me (yes, I went there for one year...long story), but I think Johnson might not be a bad fit for the Steelers. He's a quiet, young, solid #3 or 4 and I think he'd probably be more than willing to return to PA for a while.
And that's it - short and sweet.

Of course, the caveat to this is that I haven't actually been following the news close enough to know whether or not any of these guys got offers in the last couple days. Or if there are any better names out there that I might be overlooking. So if I'm calling out anyone who's already been signed or missing anyone significant, I apologize for my ignorance (wouldn't be the first time).

Maybe you all have some preferences -- anyone want to throw some other names into the discussion? I hear Kendrell Bell and Kimo are available...

Ballhype: hype it up!

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