January 5, 2008

A View To A Kill...

"I don't see Fred Taylor doing that to our defense twice."
- Hines Ward
It's finally here. Gameday, Steeler fans.

No doubt many of you are probably already well on your way to "preparing" for tonight's Wild Card battle with the "AFC Darkhorse" Jacksonville Jagoffs Jaguars.

I personally am extremely pumped and ready to watch Silverback, Big Snack, Troy and friends take down Fred Taylor and the Jaguars Offense, while Big Ben Godsend, San Antonio, Hines and Deuce Davenport are shredding the Jaguars Defense. Gotta love playoff time. Let's go get ourselves a ticket to Foxborough, I want the Pats for a 2nd time. This post season's theme is REVENGE and RESTORATION of PRIDE.

Leave all your gameday encouragement and team spirit here. IE - comment and tell us all why/how you think the Steelers will stick it to Jagoffville Jacksonville.

Here we go Steelers!!!!!!!

PS - Big Snack from Pierogi's N'At has assured me that the hit on Fred Taylor is out...it's only a matter of time. Silverback Attack!

Ballhype: hype it up!


Big Snack said...

I think Silverback will stab Freddy T. and then eat MJD (maybe with some spicy garlic flavoring)...without a running game, the Jagoffs don't stand a chance.

Go Steelers

tobiathan said...

Fred Taylor and MJD are feast-or-famine backs. They either break out big or have trouble all day. Garard looked great a few weeks ago, but he really doesn't have great pass-catchers or any experience in the playoffs. If he has to pass to win it could be tough for Jax.

I'm worried about our O-line, as usual. And about Tomlin's ability to properly motivate this team. They have seemed totally flat too too often this year. If we want to have any kind of good day today we need to force the running game early and often. Davenport does seem to be a moentum-type guy, and I like both Davis and Russell too, if either gets a regular touch.

Most of this game will hinge on Ben's performance and the leadership of the veterans on this team. Luckily we have the 2005 post-season fresh in memory to prevent any sense of inability to achieve the goal.

If the SB hasn't already been secretly gifted to the fucking Patriots our Steelers have as good a shot as anybody.

Pray that Arians remembers the short- and swing-pass game, to run the ball determinedly, to allow Ben to run the ball when he's got space and use Hines Ward like the HOFer he's destined to be.

On the defensive side i think the key wil be defensive line rotation, pressuring WRs on every down, not allowing the big play(looking at YOU, "Sandman". Wake the fuck up.), stuffing/tackling MJD&Taylor when they run and getting good, consistent pressure on Garard on passing downs.

It seems important to remember that Garard has decent legs and can run with the ball in a pinch. Need to remind the LBers to keep eyes on him on pass plays. Haggans needs to show up today. And we need some output from Woodley and/or Timmons. LB rotation would go a long way to avoiding exhaustion against those RBs of Jax.

In all i'm hoping that our Steelers won't accept being beaten twice on home territory in less than a month. Pride and experience will be big factors today. I hope.

If our offense gets on-track we'll have no trouble with this team.

Go Stillers! Time to put out or get out....