October 19, 2007

Friday Wrap-up: This Friday Brought to You By Mike Tomlin...

Man I just realized, the amount of times I've posted this week is criminal. So in honor of a full week of blog fun, I'll be taking el weekend off. Heading home to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to commemorate the birth some [actual number deleted since I value my life] "few" years ago of the woman who never fails to remind me to pay my credit card bills on time.

But before I go, I wanted to share with you the links below. Because I like you guys. And I like sharing. So let's share...uh, yeah...I don't know, just read the following links...

  • Reunion of the Week: Hines Ward and Champ Bailey. The two college buddies will be slugging it out on Sunday mono e mono all game long, and Hines "can't wait to put a hit on Champ in the open field." Neither can we, Hines, neither. can. we.

  • Kick Returns? Denver, with the #31 ranked run defense, you're blaming Kick Returns? Seriously? Guess this is like blaming it on the dog, huh? (you know what I'm talking about)

  • Speaking of Special Teams: Chris Draft, yes that Chris Draft, reminds us the importance of solid special teams play. More like gushes over Devin Hester....and hey, who wouldn't? What is that 3, 4 returned for TDs this season? Too bad he can't play Quarterback. The Bears might actually win a few. Come to think of it, maybe he can teach the Steelers how to actually catch a kickoff and/or punt...then we can take it from there.

  • Best news of the week: Big Snack, Casey Hampton, is expecting to play against Denver. And just for shits and giggles, here's Casey's take on the Denver altitude: "I'm going to be tired regardless...it ain't like I'm running 100-yard sprints." But wouldn't it be funny to watch if he were...?

  • Even the local press shits on the Broncos: You know you've got a problem when...your local paper admits you are getting shit on by opposing Tight Ends...that's bad. Three words for Tomlin: Heath Miller Touchdown.
That's all I got bitches. Check back on Sunday, I might do a little pregame bloggin'. Otherwise, enjoy the weekend and pour a few 'ahrns for me, I'm back in the motherland around approximately 9-10PM this evening. Rock 'n Roll.

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