September 3, 2007

If It's Knowledge That You Crave...

then I'm sorry to say, I just might not have anything for you today. Sure, I could offer my thoughts on the Steelers 2007 roster, the preseason pluses, minuses, drama and everything else that's been relevant recently. But let's face it, the bottom line is, preseason is preseason. It is good for 1. Making sure your team is not completely worthless (check), and 2. Checking out how the young guys fare (A+ to most of our guys). So I guess my analysis is that I am excited about the upcoming season and can't wait to see the Steelers pound on the Brownies this coming Sunday.

The personnel? I like it. They kept all the guys they should have and got rid of the guys they should have (see Verron Haynes, Ryan McBean, et al). Now all that's left is to play some football.

However, since Sunday's game is still a few days away, and I'm feeling kind of saucy this morning, I thought I might try and exercise a little humor here. So enjoy today's main feature (hopefully appearing above), and as usual, if you have any pressing issues, news tips, kind words, or just want to say hi and let me know you enjoy my entertaining dialog, feel free to shoot me a quick note.


- The C Man

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  • Dude from The 40-Year Old Virgin is a Steeler fan...weird.
  • Larry Foote getting shit for being a lowly former Wolverine...Oddly enough, no mention of anyone messing with LaMarr Woodley...coincidence? PS - Appalachian State, seriously, as if we needed another reason to shit on Michigan.
  • Dick LeBeau's Mantra - "You have to adjust to us, we're not going to adjust to you."
  • Steelers are FOCUSED after 4-1 preseason and months of anticipation...

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