June 21, 2007

4 Years at $1.5 Million - SOLD!

Chris Hoke is all yours Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the first of what will be many "veteran" re-ups on the horizon, the Steelers retained DT Chris Hoke this afternoon.

The financials:

Under the extension, Hoke will get a four-year, $6 million contract that includes a $1.5 million signing bonus. He was scheduled to make $900,000 this season, the final year of his contract. Now, he will make $2.1 million this year including the signing bonus.
Which leads me to believe Hoke will start to see a lot more action in some of Tomlin's specialized roles/defenses.

Course, Hoke's gotta be happy because at 31 he's making a butt load more money than he ever did at 25.

On a completely separate note, doesn't he kind of look like Vader from 1990's wrestling (see below)??


Anonymous said...

this blog needs an article about ERIN!


Cotter said...

I'm going to allow this comment on account of the fact that it links to an extremely hot chick's picture. But let the record state, I am otherwise vehemently against all Buckeyes and sympathizers.