March 13, 2007

Whispers About Randy Moss More Like Declarations...

Don't be fooled by headlines implying the subtlety of a possible deal between Oakland and Green Bay for Randy Moss. There is nothing subtle about a deal for Randy Moss, and frankly, really nothing subtle about Randy Moss in general.

Nonetheless, it has been reported that Packers GM Ted Thompson has in fact already had discussions with Raiders owner/tsar/stegosaurus (see, because he's old, and so are dinosaurs...) Al Davis regarding Moss. And what's more, not that this has any bearing on an actual deal (despite what Packers fans may think), apparently there has been an outpouring of both positive and negative feedback from fans to Packers management regarding the trade. I thought it was pretty funny how in the corresponding report, they actually mention specific individual comments, such as one man's assertions - "Moody. Excess baggage. Disruptive. Do any of these words sound like alarm bells to you?"

Anyways, I'm sure there are plenty of proponents of both sides of the "is Randy Moss worth the headache?" debate, but I, for one, say give him a try. He has surprised me in Oakland. I mean he hasn't exactly been mum, but he definitely could be making much more of an issue out of the fact that they couldn't get a pass off last year, let alone put the ball in his hands.

To put it into a Yogiism ~ For all the Randy Moss he brings to the table, he still brings Randy Moss. If you catch my drift...

I wouldn't mind watching Brett Favre throw bombs to Moss...this could be interesting, plus I hope he grows back the sick afro, like he's sporting in the inset image.

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