February 7, 2007

Hartings Out to Pasture...

Yes, I am still catching up on the past few days. What can I say, I've been busy (sort of).

In case any of you missed it, Jeff Hartings, an 11 year vet and 2 time pro bowler, retired last week because of bum knees. I, for one, am sorry to see Jeff go but I think this is for the best. He's not only hurting himself by continuing to play, but also the Steelers. If he isn't 100% neither can we be.

Hartings was never really a center anyway. After coming to the Steelers in '01, Hartings moved from Guard to Center, a transition he ended up making pretty successfully.

I personally respect him because of the fact that he took a pay cut before last season to stay in Pittsburgh. That, and the fact that he's a Penn State Alum.

Jeff, may you be remembered fondly in Steelers lore for years and years, as your Center brethren have before you.

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