December 29, 2006

Finally The Man's Come-uppance Has Arrived...

For those of you who might not know, Willie Parker's fast (if you don't get the subtle joke, listen to the Polamalu song). Ok, all kidding aside, in addition to making the Pro Bowl in this, only his third NFL season, yesterday Willie was voted Steelers MVP. Willie is the first RB to be honored with this distinction since The Bus in 2000 (a season in which Bettis only rushed for 1,341 yards...Parker has 1,360 already on the season and 14 TDs).

Needless to say I'm happy for Willie. However, I'll bet if we didn't have to abandon the run so much during this turnover plauged season, he might already have close to 2,000 yards. I mean how many RBs in the NFL today can lay claim to two 200 yard games in the same season?! I'm sure not many. But the amazing thing is, how many of those guys could also say they signed as an UNDRAFTED free agent out of college? What's even more puzzling, is that when Willie was at UNC, he played three years and only rushed for 817 yards TOTAL!

So in case you didn't already pick up on it, Willie Parker is ridiculous, and I'm glad to see he is getting some of the recognition he deserves. With all the questions about his ability to be a #1 back (which were unwarranted and mostly based on the unrealistic assertion that Bettis was the actual #1 back last year), it is reassuring that in his first season as the clear #1, he was able to put up the numbers he did.

Willie, this ahrn's for you my man!

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