December 27, 2006

Boy I Really Better Start Writing More Often

Well yes, it has been a while since I've readily spilled my unorganized thoughts onto this virtual canvas. So I figured maybe I should make some effort to get back into the habit of sharing my thoughts with...well probably no one...but you never know.

First off, it is now official, I am awesome... errr...rather I mean I have a byline (blog line) on cool. Check it out here

Secondly, I am mourning the loss of any playoff hopes the Steelers might have had given this past Sunday's loss. But a wise man once told me "you take the good with the bad", and that's just what we'll have to do until next season. One thing I do know though, if Joey Porter wants to stay in Pittsburgh so bad, maybe he should consider - A. Talking less trash and delivering more hits; B. A pay cut; or C. Investing in a Muzzle and some Valium. Don't get me wrong, I love Joey and his persona...when he's making his presence felt on the field more than the press box... I'm not sure how much he really did in this, his free agency year, to back up all of the crap he spews week in and week out. I guess what I'm implying is that this is my plea to Joey P to just concentrate on once again becoming "The NFL's Most Feared Man".

And last but certainly not least, I'm sure you all, like myself, are wondering who dey gon' arrest next?

Cotter out!


Anonymous said...

Saw the thing about the Pennsylvania on'm from Alabama, but I couldn't agree with you more. My brother grew up in the days of the Steel Curtain, so he was indoctrinated with a love of the Steelers, and he passed that along to me. Of course, Alabama doesn't even have a freaking pro team...

Cotter said...

Thanks for the props, and for those of you who didn't know...this guy is proof that the Steeler Nation is far flung. Keep the faith my friend.