December 24, 2008

Meeting People Steelers Gifts Is Easy...

Alright, now that I write that headline, it doesn't make a ton of sense. In fact, it may not be anything close to proper Enlgish. But frankly my dears, I don't give a damn...[you know how this ends].

Anyways, the idea is that I emailed out a bunch of names of Steelers players to the usual MPIE suspects and asked them what they would get each of those Steelers players for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, whatever their little hearts desired.

So with that in mind, here is your panel...

1. John Woods
2. Ben
3. Marc
4. Don
5. Doug
6. Notgomu
7. Nate
8. The Chief
9. Shawn K
10. Sean
11. Me

You'll notice that I've got two sets of players here below. That's because, just in case, by some festivus miracle, I got an overwhelming response, I could do two grids. But, as you and I both might have expected, that didn't happen. So I just combined the answers into one grid. Hence, John Woods through Nate all answered the first list (Big Ben, Willie Parker, etc.) and The Chief through Me all answered the second list (Hines Ward, Santonio, etc.).

I trust y'all can follow all that...

Click below to enlarge...

And with that, I'd like to wish y'all a happy holiday, whichever one you celebrate! May you get everything you want this year. And I can only hope that visions of Sugar Plums dance in your head and not visions of Steely McDevil...

What? You think I'd let this opportunity pass without using that image? Come on. Be serious!


Anonymous said...

Might be my favorite photoshop ever

big TC said...


agreed with the photoshop, best ever.

tiny350Z said...

My niece things that picture of Steely McBeam is "Cute!". *sigh*

Then she said, "What's a mascot?" And I said, "Something that's entirely unnecessary."

tecmo said...

+1 tiny

Cotter said...

Hahaha, +[at least 1], Tiny!

Gotta set the young'ns straight early on, nahmeen?

Well, it's off to Xmas shopping for this guy...having to study for two weeks straight wasn't very conducive to doing anything else. So now I've gotta run the gauntlet in order to secure gifts for everyone. Wish me luck!