November 5, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Your Homecoming Queen - James "Silverback" Harrison...

"We look at it as we have been scheduled for their homecoming."
- Brian Billick
Big Ben. James Harrison...PERIOD! Ok, no, that's not all, but it easily could be.

Godsend - 13/16, 209 yards, 5 TDs
Silverback - 3 Forced Fumbles (1 Recovered), 1 Interception, 3.5 Sacks, 9 Tackles1

Consequently, today marks the 1st day of the official One For The Other Thumb - "Vote Silverback for Pro Bowl" campaign. If you watched that game last night, heard about it, or are reading about it right now, you're aware that few of our defenders deserve it more. Steeler fans, get your shit together and VOTE ASAP.

Now, I'll be honest, due to a number of unfortunate circumstances including, but not limited to, a legal research final/ass raping and my car getting booted (but not towed thankfully), I missed about 95% of the 1st half. All I know is - I walked by the bar at approximately 9:15 after the Steelers had just scored to go up 14-0. By the time I got into my apartment, the score had ballooned to 35-7. What happened? I didn't really much care. The point was the Steelers were asserting themselves over the Ravens with efficiency. What I learned later was that there had been 2 fumbles, an interception and 3 more scores for Big Ben and the boys. Needless to say I didn't ask any more questions. I just sat back and enjoyed the rest of the show...not that there was much action after the half or anything...

So fortunately (or un depending on your preference) for you guys, beyond that, I don't have much to say. The Steelers did everything I would have asked them to do. But for good measure, because what would a One For The Other Thumb post be without bullet points, my game highlights (don't get too excited, it's nothing analytical):
  • All 5 feet 11 inches and 225 pounds of Jeff Reed talking shit to 6'8", 286 pound heavyweight, Trevor Pryce after a field goal. Steeler fans, Jeff Reed has marbles...of Steel...

  • AND

  • Mel Blount calling the Ravens performance "embarrassing." Plus, Michele Tafoya consequently pleasuring his ego for a bit talking about how the league changed a number of rules because of Blount's physical style of play. I was actually hoping Blount would put some pads on and take a run at McNair for old times sake...but you know, only room for so much dominance in one night. PS Mel Blount is a cowboy, get it straight.

  • AND

  • James Harrison steamrolling Ed Reed, forcing a fumble that went flying through the air such that you didn't even know what happened. Silverback Attack and a half!

  • AND

  • Hines Ward LEVELING not one but TWO Ravens All Pros - Bart Scott and Ed Reed. Hope you like the way that turf tastes ED! The hit Hines planted on Reed was comparable to Anthony Smith's lickin' on TJ Houshmansacklicker last week. If Reed has balls of Steel, Hines' scrotum is solid gold...I mean balls are gold plated...maybe too much talk about balls at this point. Let's stop there.
With that, bring on the Brownies! I'll have plenty more on that later tomorrow night or Wednesday. So as usual, let the commenting commence. Give me all your thoughts - Silverback? Big Ben? San Antonio? Mike Tomlin looks a lot like Omar Epps? Why do the Steelers have an ambiguously gay mascot but no cheerleaders? I'll take all comers...

1 Good enough for an NFL record - 1st player to record 3.5 sacks, 1 INT and 1 fumble recovery.

Game Recaps:
[Associated Press]

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Anonymous said...

It was heavenly watching Ward just knock the piss out of Ravens... and then laugh about it. Especially when Stallworth and Swann are being interviewed about how great he is.

One word... MAGIC

Anonymous said...


Cool footnotes. Will there be a midterm?

Seriously, James Harrison was on meth all night. That was an unbelieveable performance.

Anonymous said...

And, i might add, Ray "Whiny Murder Accomplice" Lewis was so pissed off and shaken up after the game that he was literally BABBLING like an angry school girl about how his defense "shut the Steelers down" in the second half, and how different things wil be when Pittsburgh goes to Baltimore...uh, yeah. OK Ray-Ray.

Just don't kill anybody.

Nice. Nothing makes me more sick than to hear all the NFLNetwork announcers suck up to Ray Lewis. To see James "Silverback" Harrison outplay him was priceless.

What a show!

Hopefully this signals a new level of play for the Steelers. I can envision a bigger effort at long-ball scoring, and more big plays in the recieving game here on out. Santonio Holmes is a pretty danged good reciever. Some of Ben's passes were so laser-fast i couldn't even see him throwing them.

Hines is a beast. He shoulda been a linebacker. Maybe when he gets too slow to play WR..??

What an awesome show was that? Especially against the highly, grossly over-rated Ravens?



Cotter said...

Anonymous -- Yep, Hines Ward will fuck your day up...especially if your name is Ed Reed.

Tecmo - Yes, I'd like, in 500 words or less - how can the interjection of the word "balls" kill an otherwise decent blog post? Please be sure to include a discussion on the Steelers receivers and manicures. I'd like that by Friday. Cheers.

Tobiathan - I think to expect Ray Lewis to try not to kill anyone might just be an unreasonable expectation. He had a point though. They lost because of turnovers. Also because Brian Billick is a dick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ray-Ray was, admittedly, correct about the turnover issue. And about virtually shutting us down in the second half. Except, if Kreider had caught that ball it woulda been a forty-burger.

Personally, i still think Lewis was making excuses for himself and the defense, while throwing his(admittedly horrible) offense under the bus. Not exactly team-speak. I can understand how he felt but that doesn't make it better for an already-stumbling team mentality. Lewis used to be more professional than that.

I really did enjoy seeing him so livid and clearly discombobulated though. As ya said: at least he didn't kill anybody...

Anonymous said...

And yeah: Tomlin looks a helluva lot like Omar Epps!

Good call!